Feed Me.

The home inspection is complete (and went relatively well!!). We are now in the process of negotiating those details, and even closer to an actual move. So, of course, my mind immediately runs 1,000 mph figuring out when I get to pick up my first paint brush/demolish something. The dining room of this new house … Continue reading Feed Me.


Oversized, reversible, printed, thrifted vest. Sounds like a nightmare, right? When I first pulled it (and the paired polyester, elastic-waist, black pants) off the rack at Goodwill a few years ago, guess where my mind went? That's right. Sassy, sarcastic, perpetually vested Dorothy Zbornak from the Golden Girls. I giggled at the mental picture and tossed in my cart because (repeat after … Continue reading Workhorse.

Number One.

I love my life, and by most standards it is pretty dern normal. I have no preconceived notions that anyone else will find what is contained here is as interesting as I do. Nevertheless, the mother of a 19 month old wild-man needs an outlet. So here I am. Quick intro... My name is Neely. I'm a Believer. Southern wife to a good-lookin’ Tennessean who … Continue reading Number One.