Number One.

I love my life, and by most standards it is pretty dern normal. I have no preconceived notions that anyone else will find what is contained here is as interesting as I do. Nevertheless, the mother of a 19 month old wild-man needs an outlet. So here I am.

Quick intro… My name is Neely. I’m a Believer. Southern wife to a good-lookin’ Tennessean who still manages to make my heart sing after 5 years of marriage. Mother to a loud, smart, all-boy toddler with perpetually scraped knees. Daughter and sister. Nurse. Starbucks junkie. Canine and equine lover. I’m not an awesome cook, but more of a thrower-together who constantly struggles between my love for what tastes good and the exercises that keep my jeans zipping. I follow fashion of all kinds and readily subscribe to the motto that “life is too short to wear boring clothes”. I am a planner to a fault, a habitual list-maker, and some say a decent writer.

As you explore here, you will undoubtedly discover my love for making-new-what-is-old. Don’t be surprised to find loads of thrift store tips and scores, recaps of my hunt for a diamond in the rough, and the sagas that are sure to accompany our upcoming home purchase and remodel. You will no doubt come across the occasional recipe, mama bear moment, picture of my critters, and fashion tip.

Most importantly, I hope you will see that I am ‘being made new from that which is old’ by Jesus Christ, my Savior. I’ve found the phrase “comparison is the thief of joy” more true than ever as the internet seems to expand by the second. Real talk : There will be some exciting, pretty things written and shown here… But I am not perfect and my life is not perfect. Jesus is my joy and my only hope; and my prayer is that you can know Him better for following along.

So, welcome! It’s gonna be a good ride!


Meet Cody… What he lacks in good footing, he makes up for in beauty and sweetness.

5 thoughts on “Number One.

  1. Debbie Thompson says:

    Neely, I am so sorry about your back and am praying for your healing. But! I am thrilled about your blog and am very excited about following it! As you may know, your mom is my SS teacher and a very special person in my life. I love all that I know about you through her, and I am thankful for the opportunity to know you better as well as learn from you through your blog. You go girl! God bless you! Debbie


  2. Elizabeth Prather says:

    OH MY !!! LOVE that you have started a blog. And yes I am going to follow !!! Been praying about your back — your momma told us about it in SS !!! So glad since, well, you can’t move much —that you started this blog. To HIM be the glory.

    Love you girl.


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