Oversized, reversible, printed, thrifted vest. Sounds like a nightmare, right?


When I first pulled it (and the paired polyester, elastic-waist, black pants) off the rack at Goodwill a few years ago, guess where my mind went?


That’s right. Sassy, sarcastic, perpetually vested Dorothy Zbornak from the Golden Girls. I giggled at the mental picture and tossed in my cart because (repeat after me) … The #1 thrift rule is:

If the shape and color could possibly work, you always try it on.

Since I was happy with the vest as a layering piece, I paid a few bucks and went on my way. Little did I know that this crazy vest would become one of the workhorses in my closet. I have worn in countless times, hot or cold weather, inside and out. Before you write me off as completely insane for purchasing this weird piece, let me show you some pictures about how to make something like this work.


The black side of the vest is pretty easy. This is how I matched it all up for an easy Sunday outfit.



Here are a few other oversized black vest ideas that I like. Dress it up with black skinnies and funky heels, or layered over a shorter dress with block heels would be right on trend. I have always been a huge fan of a wideleg dress pant, so that look on the right = luuurve.

The printed side of my vest has a tribal vibe, which can also be fun. I typically style it up with a tank and some ripped up jeans or flares for a more boho look. Channel a Free People vibe… floppy hat, mix a few patterns, and grunge… Easy peasey.


FullSizeRender (5)

(Oh, the new days of Instagram… Ie: weird selfies and as many filters as possible. #gottalaugh)

This vest is proof that when thrifting, if you are willing to stretch your imagination and  consider shape and silhouette (as opposed to just brand), the possibilities are endless.

What pieces do you have in your closet that have become unexpected workhorses?

And speaking of horses… I had to include a picture of my old man retiree, non-workhorse, and best equine friend – Buddy. Happy Sunday!


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