New Finds & New Mercies.

What a week. And it’s only Hump Day!

Before we moved to the rental we are in now, we lived over in a sweet little neighborhood called Belvoir. One of the best things about being on that side  of town was:

IMG_3555 - Copy

The Thrift Store is located on Brainerd Road, and it is a gold mine because they have so much inventory. I loved going by when we lived close (and actually bought the chest of drawers in my son’s nursery here). Now that we’ve moved I don’t get to go nearly as often. (For all of you Chattanoogans, they are opening up a second shop in Red Bank mid July #partyemoji!) I had a chance to run in today, so I thought I’d share with you some of what they’ve got going on… Plus a few other things I’ve picked up over the last several weeks.

Like I said before, I am currently obsessed ever watchful of thoughtful decor for our new house! “Modern farmhouse” I guess is the best way to describe the look I’m going for, so you can imagine my happy dance at all of these fun things I’ve been finding.


I love a sunny, bright kitchen. I have visions of  < this mini ladder I found today sitting in the corner near the big bay window… topped with all kinds of mini pots, herbs, and greenery.  I will either paint it white/add terra cotta pots or stain it and use some of my favorite white Ikea mini pots for planting.
















(Here is a peak of some of my kitchen inspiration! Lots of good things goin’ on here.)







And, now, cue the drum roll please….


I can’t tell you how excited I am about this guy right here. My love languages are essentially: Gifts and Quality time…and Wrought Iron. I have been scouring online to find some really unique (affordable) industrial lighting options. When I saw this at Goodwill, I pretty much had a good ole fashioned Southern spell right there in front of God and everybody because knew I could make this work for our kitchen or dining room. There are so many DIY tutorials about how to wire your own lighting fixtures, and I can’t wait to give it a try! (If you pray, pray I don’t get electrocuted. I love me some big hair, but Loreal does a fine enough job.)

A few other yard sale diddies from this spring that will be incorporated along the way. Definitely planning to spray paint the tea table (bar cart?), and it will be easy to find a spot for my little wired bottle baskets and wooden star (mantle at Christmas?).





There were several things I took a good, long hard look at but ended up not buying. The magazine racks on the right were really cute. I likely wouldn’t use them as magazine racks, but in a bathroom to hold towels or even hung on the wall. The white stacked end tables were a good match and size, but I’m still a little gun shy about buying real furniture until we have a deed and a key. How mature and boring of me 😉


The bench was a really great shape and length. The legs were in good condition, and all it would take to finish it well would be a few screws to sturdy the support and new fabric for the cushion. I’ve thought about this bench at least 5 times since I’ve left the store… Not sure I’m going to be able to wait on a deed and key for him.


On a more serious note, I wanted to share something that’s been on my heart for … I guess awhile now. The last few months have been a tough season of life. Between deciding when and where to move, things that we have wanted to happen that haven’t happened, and things that have happened that we would have never wanted… Life can be hard, y’all. And I consider myself a strong woman. I strive to be a strong woman. Someone who is courageous and resolved and capable. These last few months have been chock full of continual realizations that I am neither as physically or emotionally strong as I thought I was. And you know what?

That. Is. Okay. Why? Because I have a Father in Heaven who is strong for me. Who goes before me. Who knew how He was going to reconcile  my weak state – physically, emotionally, spiritually – the moment He spoke life into this earth. I have been listening to Audrey Assad’s new album for the last several weeks on repeat, and the song that keeps sticking with me is “New Every Morning.” It talks about how, from the beginning of time, God has been bestowing new and gracious mercies on us at the dawn of every morning. He knows what we need, and He is good and able to provide.

I love talking about decorating… and fashion… and thrifting… and hair… and a lot of other fun, girly things in this life. To know me is to talk about those things, no doubt. But to know me is also to talk about the Jesus that puts a firm foundation under our feet when we are not strong.


Thanks for following along! Love to hear your thoughts and comments below!







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