From Granny to Great!

I love the South. (See that capital letter S?) However, fashion here is a little more rigid than a lot of places in the country. It’s sometimes hard to get away from skinny jeans and Michael Kors purses (Those are not terrible things. Everyone, breathe.) I wanted to show you how much fun it can be to play with the thrift store clothing that scares everyone away! From “Granny… Continue reading From Granny to Great!

Wishin’, Hopin’, & Thriftin’ Accessories.

The last week or so has been a bust when it comes to thrifting furniture. So I gathered up my dashed hopes and moved on to different stuff – accessories! Thrift stores are chock full of unique accessories when you can sift through the Hello Kitty wallets and cheap watches. Check out some of my… Continue reading Wishin’, Hopin’, & Thriftin’ Accessories.