Thrift Stop & a DIY!

A little less talk and a lot more action, people. It’s what this girl needed. Here is a recap of my most recent trip into Providence Thrift and a quick DIY with one of my finds!

It took a lot (and I mean A LOT) of restraint not to buy this big ole chunky necklace. A little boho, a little weird, mixed textures = right up my alley… Actually it’s still taking a lot of restraint.


Well, hello, Neiman Marcus fur… you are looking amazing today. Unfortunately, I have to spend my cheddar on housey things. (More unfortunate is that head of gym hair. Whew, sister.)


He’s not upset. That’s his “CHEESE!” face. We’re working on it.


I liked this little vintage dress. The shoulder pads would have to go and it would require a slip (which is true of most any vintage dress you will find thrifting, FYI); but otherwise it was a fun summer print and flattering shape. Pulled it on… too long. I don’t have time to go it hemmed or grow 4 inches, so it stayed put for someone else.


Now on to the DIY for today…

*Backstory… When I was a little girl at the pumpkin patch in the fall, I always picked out the ugly pumpkins because I knew no one else would and I felt bad for them. Truth: My husband still has to dissuade me from purchasing the ugliest Christmas tree on the lot. More truth: I always let him win because he really does pick the best trees.

I found this sad little scale at Providence the other day, #blesshisheart. He was lonely and pitiful and $2.99. So my crazy brain decided I would take him home and make him into something pretty. I played around with a few ideas, eventually added two pots I found on the shelves, and knew immediately how I wanted to transform this ugly duckling.



I stopped at The Home Depot on the way home and picked up some white, textured Rust-oleum spray paint ($6). (Imagine the door in a garage or shop – that slightly rough feel? That’s what this paint feels like when dry.) I got two matching terra cotta pots (78 cents/ea) because although I did buy that terra cotta pot from the thrift store photo, I wanted to make sure two would match for my finished product. I got home, put the kiddo down for his nap, and went to work!


My supplies…


One coat of paint in… That gold’s still peeking through a bit too much for my taste…


IMG_3726I happen to be the world’s most impatient DIY-er, so while my scale parts were drying in the sun I started searching around the house for other things I could spray paint. I found an old wine bottle I had previously sprayed silver for a Christmas party and slathered him up too. (I also got my fat, sweaty finger stuck in the top of that bottle to the point of a moderate panic attack. Ever get stuck in an outfit in the fitting room? I mean like – really, really, “I might have to call the employee so she can cut me out” stuck? This was that kind of red-faced, nervousness-makes-you-sweatier-and-hotter-and-stucker.)

The first coat on the scale chains…


Are you ready?

Here he is in all of his new, white, “come live at my house” glory!


I’m so pleased with the final product! Two coats of textured paint makes what was once gold plastic/fake marble look like wrought iron. The pots and green are a good pop of color, but the whole piece is neutral overall. I can see this guy working well in a decorative shelf or on a side table. All he needed was a little TLC! Because it happened to be 90 degrees the day I did this, the sun helped dry the paint quickly and it was a fast little project.


The wine bottle turned out cute too (after I got my finger out…). I had a split candle holder stowed away that I popped in the top. I don’t know how or where I’ll use it yet, but something will come up sooner or later!


Hope everyone is having a great week! If you want to receive emails whenever I post something new, just go down and click on the “Subscribe” button.

Thanks for following along!

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