Wishin’, Hopin’, & Thriftin’ Accessories.

The last week or so has been a bust when it comes to thrifting furniture. So I gathered up my dashed hopes and moved on to different stuff – accessories! Thrift stores are chock full of unique accessories when you can sift through the Hello Kitty wallets and cheap watches. Check out some of my recent finds!



I have some pretty firm ground rules when it comes to thrifting; ie – someone else’s stank feet and toe jam are coming nowhere near me. But every now and then I will run across some new shoes that fit the bill. These loafers are new, timeless, and I can’t wait to pair them with some boyfriend jeans this fall! I really like the two looks below.

 If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these rockin’ earrings I picked up a few months ago. They were big, even for me. So I did some deconstructing and made a brooch! (FYI: you can pick up about 1,000 brooch pins at Hobby Lobby for less than $3/pack).

Take a look!


This guy looks great on a black blazer!


I am a huge fan of a head scarf, especially in the summer. Thrift stores are teeming with scarves of all patterns, lengths, and widths. I love them wrapped from the back and tied with a front knot like the picture below. But there are tons of ways to tie them! Check out this tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers, Beth Jones, about a few other options for turban styles.


Some of my summer scarf collection. These are also great to wrap around a purse handle for an unexpected pop of color!



I really like classic jewelry (my husband translates this as “expensive”; ha!), and most of the time I wear pearls or studs. But, bright statement earrings can be a great way to spice up your outfit.  Here are a few of my summertime go-to’s!

I soak them in a half water/half peroxide mixture before I wear them (like I said before, #groundrules).

And now for a Hall of Fame & Shame moment.

This purse was SO CUTE. Leather trim. Excellent condition. It was halfway into my basket/I was ready to let go of my furniture money when I turned it around and found that it had a beaded pink lizard embroidered on what I thought was the back. Dern. Hall of Famer quickly demoted.   IMG_3846

And this poor gal. Bless. While I do love a bell sleeve and I am not scared of a “make it work moment”, she’s just too far gone. In fact, we might be looking at the VP of the Hall of Shame.


hopeI recently started reading Missional Motherhood by Gloria Furman. When I typed out the words “dashed hopes” in the beginning of this post, it reminded me of something she wrote… About the difference  between real hope versus fake hope.

“If you’re anything like me, you’ve already had enough taste tests of the fake stuff to know that you don’t have time for fake hope. All of the flimsy inspirations and fake hope the world offers can’t hold the weight of stress, fatigue, sin, labor pain, or grief.  Our faith needs to be strengthened with real hope… As we taste more and more of the real hope of the gospel, our appetite for fake hope will start to disappear”.

As my family moves forward to this new city, new home, new life… I am constantly being bombarded by choices. If I’m not careful, I find myself putting my hope in my ability to make the “right” decisions regarding these ‘flimsy inspirations’. Paint colors! Furniture arrangement! Thrift store finds! Daycare! Job! Budget! Balancing family and friends’ expectations! Etc! Etc! Etc! The truth is that if my hope lies in my abilities to do these things well, I will eventually be disappointed. I am made to hope in something bigger than myself. Anything less than hope in the Gospel – as a wife, mother, friend, what have you – is fake and will always fall short.

You know that feeling you get when someone at work tells you they will pick up the big task you’ve been dreading? The immediate sense of relief? That’s how I feel when I reflect on the fact that my hope is not in me. The fear crawling around in my stomach that maybe I will mess up, or maybe I will not be good enough, is put to death. The knowledge that I will eventually disappoint becomes just that – knowledge, and nothing more. I no longer have to cover up uncertainty with a confident smile or worry about what may come. I am free to move through life, placing my hope in the One who designed me to rely on Him.

Where is your hope today?

And on a less serious note, who’s gonna pick up a head scarf? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wishin’, Hopin’, & Thriftin’ Accessories.

  1. winniespann says:

    Love this friend! We just talked last night about real and lasting, unchanging, unwavering hope rooted firmly in Christ in the 1 Peter study. Mind blown. So good.

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