Update: We are moved!

What. A. Whirlwind. The last ten days have been madness! Andrew, Mac, and I headed to Destin for a (very quick) pre-move beach trip. We spent time with Andrew’s parents, celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary at Marina Café with an amazing meal and view, loved on the dads for Father’s Day, and got some sand between our toes. While it was a little bit stressful to be gone so close to “the move”, I’m glad we went. The trip was a great distraction from sitting in a half-boxed house just waiting.




Since the day we got back from the beach, it has been full speed ahead. We have packed, moved, unpacked (at least 1.3 million boxes), and are trying to get settled… But the most important thing is that we are here in one piece!


I am really excited. We are planning to do a lot of renovating pretty quickly because the inside needs to be updated #likewhoa, so I’m trying to be conservative about unpacking. I don’t want to do it all over again. It seems best to leave what we can in boxes until we get the big things done.  We have already been hard at work stripping wallpaper, and let me tell you that is no joke. My fingernails will never be the same again. Our house was built in the 1980’s and has had little done in the way of “keeping up with the times”. The dry wall under the wallpaper is brown (not white!) if that tells you how old that paper is!


We moved in Saturday…  and Andrew and I were up with the sun + strong coffee on Sunday stripping this delightful print down. Unknowingly, I married a wallpaper-removing-boss. He was pulling it down in sheets and got the dining room plus two bathrooms done in one day!


I am working out paint colors in my mind… and all over the house in random places 🙂 You can see below – I think I’ve settled on this warm grey and bright white combo for the dining room. ALL of the trim, many of the ceilings, and even some doors will have to be painted (yowzaaaa), but how awesome is that dentil crown molding? Glass half full, people.



On a totally different note, remember that thrifted black midi skirt I dolled up a few weeks ago?  Before we moved,  I paired that same skirt with a simple tee, straw fedora, and a thrifted crocheted bag. An easy, summer look perfect for running errands that’s not hard to put together and isn’t gym clothes = success.


Thanks for following along! Stay tuned for more…

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