Downstairs To-Do’s.

I am a list person. Always have been. My mom says she quit giving me a verbal schedule of our plans for the day when I was about 5 because if it didn’t go exactly as planned, I was destined for a come-apart. I’m a bit more flexible these days, but it is rare that I don’t jot down at least one list a day.

We’ve been moved in for two weeks, but out of town for my brother’s wedding for one of those… Now that we are back, it’s time to get to work! As much for my internal processing as your entertainment, I thought I’d make my grand to-do here! Yes, there is a lot. (I don’t blame you for skipping this post!) As crazy as it sounds, everything floating around in my head is much more stressful than an actual list where I can, slowly but surely, cross items off. Below you will find pictures of every room in the downstairs and our reno plans for them. There is plenty to do upstairs and outside too, but I’ll save that for later.

Let’s get to it!


  • Paint trim and walls
  • Install hardwoods after removing brick/laminate
  • Remove closet to expand foyer space. (We have a ton of storage in this house, and I don’t really need that small coat closet. Since those aren’t load bearing walls, we will remove that closet to make the entryway less congested).
  • Replace light fixture and switch/socket covers
  • Paint doorbell cover


Powder Bath:

  • Remove wallpaper, sand, prime
  • Hardwoods
  • Paint ceiling, walls and baseboards
  • Paint vanity
  • Eventually replace toilet and counter
  • Update lighting
  • Remove towel rack and install shelving
  • Replace mirror


Laundry Room:

  • Paint door, trim, and walls
  • Hardwoods
  • Install washer/dryer
  • Remove those funny midget shutters and add blinds
  • Remove metal shelving and add cabinets
  • Install some sort of clothing/sorting organization


Dining Room:

  • Remove wallpaper and sand/prime
  • Paint ceiling, trim, board/batten, and walls
  • Remove door between kitchen and dining room
  • Update lighting
  • Farmhouse table (to be built by Andrew’s brother)



Kitchen: (Eventually this will be an extensive, complete remodel. For now, it is functional)

  • Remove wallpaper, sand, prime
  • Paint walls and trim
  • Hardwoods
  • Paint cabinets and update hardware
  • Update window treatments
  • Update lighting
  • Get table


  • Remove island for smaller butcher block on wheels
  • Remove soffits
  • Update fridge, range, hood, and sink
  • Counters (I love cement counters for their durability and countless options. Butcher block is another favorite).
  • Bench seat in bay window?



  • Remove paneling and sheetrock/paint walls (I don’t mind painted paneling, but Andrew is not a huge fan. We compromised – I get to keep and paint in the bonus room and he gets to sheetrock the den)
  • Hardwoods
  • Change out ceiling fan and switch/socket covers
  • Paint fireplace
  • Mount TV to wall
  • Update window treatments (drapes probably)
  • Paint built-in bookcasing
  • Replace or paint French doors leading to porch


Bonus Room:

  • Remove door
  • Paint ceiling trim
  • Paint paneling
  • Hardwood steps
  • Exchange that very fuzzy (but clean) carpet. Will go for something low-ply since this will be the kids’ playroom/TV room; probably berber.
  • Two couches with matching slipcovers
  • Update railing
  • Update lighting (down the road)
  • Window treatment (shutters?)


Study: (I forgot to take good pictures of this room, so here is the realtor’s photo… It is directly on the left as you come through the front door)

  • Paint ceiling, walls, and trim
  • Hardwoods
  • Install ceiling lights (what?! how is this not already a thing?)
  • New window treatments
  • Piano
  • Built-in bookcases on far wall


Are you overwhelmed yet? Does the amount of brown surface area here make your head swim?  (Sidenote: Although this house is very, hmmm, “vintage”… It is spotless clean. The original owners have taken impeccable care of it.) Basically, I am in love. The space is just what we need and there is so much potential. Paint and new floors are going to make an enormous difference in the feel of this place, so it’s just a matter of crossing things off one day at a time! Just yesterday, we were able to paint the bedroom fireplace, bedroom ceiling, dining room ceiling, powder bath ceiling, and cut out several other rooms.

I hope you’ll follow along as I work through my to-do’s! I’m headed around town this week to hunt down a kitchen table… Stay tuned for an upstairs, outside, and garage list!

*Disclaimer: By and large, we have no idea what we are doing. Professional/family advice + youtube how-to videos are the bees knees here. If we can do this, anyone can do this.









2 thoughts on “Downstairs To-Do’s.

  1. ellilbit says:

    Ha! I was wondering in the first photo who was laying in the study!! 1. I love your bonus playroom! Ours little attic/bonus room has been fantastic–anything I am annoyed with at the moment goes there and I don’t have to see it for a few hours (like the singy toys and hoppity hops). 2. I suggest recessed lights in your study; they really aren’t difficult and price is comparable to big fixtures! We have loved them in our large rooms. Thanks for sharing–love it all!!

    Liked by 1 person

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