Baby Steps!

This week has been full of progress! When I look at the grand scheme, it’s easy to get discouraged because sometimes it seems likes 1 step forward and 3 steps back. Most of my reno time is limited to when our son naps or after he goes to bed at night, so some days it feels like it’s moving slow. But when I think about all we have done in a week, I’m feeling pretty good! There were four main things on my to-do list: Paint the bedroom trim, paint the bedroom fireplace, get a kitchen table, and organize the garage. The garage is now organized, and here are a few details about the other projects!

Painting the Fireplace

This was a fun task with quick, dramatic results – my favorite kind. I originally thought I would whitewash the brick, but after some thought decided I much preferred the cleaner, glossy look of paint. I used Behr’s Falling Snow in a semi-gloss, and I was surprised by how much paint the brick soaked up. It took two coats and some patience, but I am loving how has turned out. How I missed a head-on before picture I’ll never know… But you get the idea. Grungy, yellow, brick.


Because of the cracks and grooves in the brick and mortar, I found that a 2 inch Purdy brush plus some sponges worked best for getting the paint on. Since we are painting the walls and the trim, I didn’t have to be too careful about my lines. I did tape the carpet several inches out as well as the insert. I also took a clean, damp cloth and wiped down the entire surface area of the fireplace to get rid of any dust.


You can see that the first coat did not cover well at all. My main goal was just to get the paint everywhere with no runs. I went back with a very thick coat the second time and had no problem with coverage.


This is where I ran into a little bit of trouble. See the small spaces between the bricks around the insert? No way was I going to leave those unpainted. While the sponges worked well between the larger spacings, I could not get enough paint in those cracks to make it look uniform. I tried cutting the sponges, but the plastic flange inside was too thick.

So, this is where the girl who does my fingernails stops reading and starts stabbing my voo-doo doll with pins and needles. You got it… Dip and squeeze it in there by hand!


It was a slick, nasty mess; but it worked. And now I won’t develop a twitch when I roll over in the mornings and see unpainted mortar.

Here is the finished product! The tape is still on until the paint cures, which takes a few days. I am really pleased with the clean, white look. I’m planning to use brass hardware in our bedroom, so the insert will stay the way it is.


 Painting the Trim

Our bed comes next week, so we are full speed ahead trying to get this room ready! When we first bought the house, I thought “What beautiful dentil molding! I wish they had put this everywhere!!” HA! After painting our bedroom’s first coat, I was thanking the good Lord that there is no more. It is so beautiful, but it is a pain. (Like, I think I’d rather get a flu shot. Or ten.) Just like the fireplace, there is very little coverage with the first coat of semi-gloss paint. The goal is just to get it on each surface with no runs.


I taped the ceiling since we had already painted/let dry for several days. (The ceiling is the same color – Falling Snow by Behr, but in a flat sheen.) Then I just began painting in two foot sections while checking and re-checking for drips. It took several hours to get the first coat on. The second coat goes on tonight and then we will let that dry for a day or two before taping to paint the walls.

Sidenote: I read online somewhere that dentil molding was very popular in the Victorian era. The painters back in that day used to paint each underside crevice a darker shade to really enhance the texture. I say “just guillotine me”, because there is no way I would have had the patience for that.

Kitchen Table

I found this beauty on Craigslist. The black color and spindled chair backs were just the right amount of “country” I was looking for (*forgive the picture quality). It is in great condition, and I paid the girl just over $200! What a great deal!

This will eventually be a great anchoring piece in a grey and white kitchen.


My mom was in town for a night this week and it was so much fun to show her the house! We spent Friday drinking Starbucks, thinking through décor, and thrifting around town to some of my favorite places. I have always loved this little hodge-podge antique shop, so we popped in for a minute.


I picked up these old apple crates for about $12/each. They will be great for toy organization or to soften up with some blankets in the den.


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably saw that our family is growing! Next February, we will welcome Baby #2! IMG_4412.JPG

Andrew and I are so excited for this blessing. I am almost 11 weeks, and I have just started to get some energy back. The nausea is subsiding and I am starting to feel like myself again. This has been a very busy time to not feel 100%, but we have made it through in one piece. Most importantly, the doctor says we have a healthy baby, and we are so thankful!


It’s amazing how proud this little one is! He/She was ready to be known and seen weeks ago! I don’t know that I was ready to look 5 months pregnant at 11 weeks, but I am rolling with the punches and counting it all joy 🙂 And don’t worry… I am being very cautious with all of this renovating. Windows and fans when painting, no oil-based paint, no high ladders, etc…

Thank you all for following along! Stay tuned for more thrifty finds and project updates!






4 thoughts on “Baby Steps!

  1. Nathan says:

    Neely this Nathan. I’m glad to see your getting after it while you’ve got a critter growing in your belly. The renovations look great. Wish you and the old man the best of luck and if you have any questions about the house you think I can help you with feel free to give me a call. Tell Andrew I said hey.


  2. Debbie Thompson says:

    I have somehow missed alot of your sharings lately, but found them tonight and have had a ball reading them all and catching up since yall moved. Absolutely love reading about ALL you and Andrew Are doing. And yes! It overwhelms me, but considering that it overwhelms me simply thinking about updating the paint in a couple of our rooms, and a few other things which are nothing compared with all you are doing, I feel encouraged! So. Thank you! I hated to hear about your foot and have been praying for your healing. And for Emolyn this week as she’s been helping you so much. Sounds like prayers have been and are being answered. And! Congrats on the coming of baby #2! God bless every area of your lives. Keep writing!:)

    Liked by 1 person

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