Mondays are for Antiquing!

I headed out to the Gas Lamp Antique Mall yesterday to kick off the week! I keep a running list of “always looking for” and antique markets are a great place to find unique pieces. Several of the things I am always keeping my eyes peeled for:

  • Trays: Big, small, wicker, glass, wood, you name it… I love them because they add layers and intention when decorating.
  • Unique wall décor: Not necessarily a picture, usually a “something”.
  • Old ladder
  • Large tobacco baskets: These are hard to find in good shape for a reasonable price.
  • Old burlap coffee or potato sack


This place is so inspiring. I always leave with new ideas.


The old iron grate below was amazing. The picture doesn’t do this beauty justice as it was about 4 feet tall and 6 feet wide.


I came across a few burlap sacks, but they were in rough shape. I found some nicer ones, but the huge marijuana leaves on the front weren’t exactly “foyer material” 🙂 It was probably a good thing I had Mac with me, because drawers of $5 scarves could keep me entertained for hours.


And SCORE! I found my old ladder! I have been looking for one of these (to hang blankets on, turn sideways on the wall, etc.) for years. I love the old iron brackets at the top of this one, and it was on sale!


When I got home, I took the ladder up to our guest room and draped a few blankets across the rungs. I was wanting this bedroom to feel cozy, quaint, and simple… The ladder  – combined with a few other wooden, antique pieces – has accomplished this better than I expected. Here is a sneak peek of where you will stay if/when you come to visit!


I am still waiting on a few pieces for the walls and the bedskirt to come in, and then I think I will call this room complete! Stay tuned for the complete reveal soon. Speaking of reveals, the promised master bedroom reveal is on hold. There is one corner I am not happy with yet… And I don’t want to rush it! The perfect something will come along at some point. I was able to spray paint our bedside tables (previously thrifted here), and they turned out great! More on that to come…


In other news, I had a few appointments this past week. The OB says baby is growing and has a heart rate of 160! I’ll leave all the old wives tails of how high I’m carrying and heart rate up to you in terms of deciding boy vs. girl. I have my gut feelings, but I’ll keep those to myself for now! I am feeling much better overall, but the restless legs started this week. I had this while I was pregnant with Mac, but it started later. Has anyone experienced restless legs with their pregnancies? I’d love to hear what you did to relieve it! I’m like a Mexican jumping bean over here, especially at night.

I also chopped my hair off. To no credit of my own, I sat down and told my friend Debbie, “Please just fix it however you want. It doesn’t move and it’s awful.” This is what she came up with and I love it! My hair hasn’t been this short or this blonde in a long time, and if I didn’t have a bum foot I’d probably be out mom-strutting 🙂



I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start. Thanks for following along!



2 thoughts on “Mondays are for Antiquing!

  1. Debbie Thompson says:

    So, I love your plans for the ladder. Did you, or, are you going to paint it…or use as is? And, did you get the grate? If so, can’t wait to see your plans for it.
    AND! Love your hair!!!!


    • refiningcotten says:

      I didn’t paint it – I liked the old wood. But that’s a thought for the future I hadn’t considered! I didn’t get the grate… It really was huge (and $1000). So beautiful! Thanks Debbie!


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