Thrift Haul!

It’s been awhile since I took the time look through things other than housewares at a thrift store. Partly because we need “house things”, but also because normal clothes won’t fit/aren’t fitting this bump for much longer. However, Mac and I had some time to kill before lunch Friday so we poked around most of Goodwill. Take a look at what I found!

First and foremost, I would really love to thank the person who keeps dropping off these matching floral arrangements. You drop them off and I scoop them right up after you leave for $3/each. What perfect mantle or end table accents! I also picked up the yellow floral flower garland in our guest room – seen here – from the same Goodwill last week. You just keep on keepin’ on, lady. I’m a fan of your work.


Tip: Floral stuff can get dusty, especially sitting in a thrift store. Mix up a spray bottle with half vinegar/half water, spray it down and then wipe clean with a paper towel. Good to go.


You see that painted dining room in the background? I may or may not squeal and giggle like a schoolgirl every time I walk through it. More on that to come…

I didn’t buy this quilt, but I am always on the lookout for handmade quilts. My Gram was an incredible seamstress, and I always said that before my children were born that I would learn how to sew in some form or fashion. A few years ago I bought a Brother SE400 with my Christmas money and set to work. Little did I know that my very favorite thing to make would be quilts. I love the patterns, the colors, the creativity, the quiet time, the flexibility of picking it up and putting it down…


Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to being an old woman so I can have free time to quilt? (And keep goats and honeybees… But that’s another story.)  My younger brother says I’ve been an old woman at heart since I was about 14,  so I’m used to it. Long story short, quilts always catch my eye. This particular quilt was all applique, and although it was old and worn, you could tell how much time someone put into making it beautiful. I didn’t buy it, but I did stand there for a good 5 minutes (while my kid screeched and crawled around the cart like a spider monkey) looking at the handiwork.


 I did buy two new tops. The first was a brand new sweater! While I won’t be able to wear it uber-pregnant, I think it will be nice for late winter after the baby comes! The high-low hem is cute and who doesn’t love a black and white sweater.



I also picked up this tunic. I’m a little torn between wearing it as a transition maternity piece into fall with jeans and booties versus saving it as a bathing suit coverup for next summer. Truth is I’ll probably do both.

This fabric was so sweet, and I can imagine it being just perfect for a hand-sewn baby girl gift! My own or someone else’s 🙂 We don’t find out gender until September for everyone who has asked.  The checkerboard below was fun and fits my decorating style, so I couldn’t leave him there all by himself.



A few other cute things that caught my eye… I love a good button down camp shirt. I can see some of you shrinking away from the computer screen right nowwwww.


Still a no? Let me help…

Blue jean cutoffs, comfy button down, and a head scarf because I like the drama, mama. And clearly I need to move where these girls live for awhile. There is no form of carbohydrate within a 50 mile radius, I guarantee it. The real question is – if I wear this outfit, will my legs grow to be as long as the girl’s on the left? I’m willing to give it a shot.

FullSizeRenderCute summer bag. She stayed at the store for someone else, but different and bright.

Speaking of different and bright, a new addition to the Hall of Fame and Shame. You may have seen this beauty when I posted on Instagram… But wow. Does this bring back memories of 1990 mother-daughter matching jumpsuits for ‘tha church cantata’ or what? Yikes. Into the Hall of Shame you go, sissy.


Thanks for following along! Andrew and I are taking a break from We-Renovate-24/7 and going on a date… I cannot wait. Enjoy your weekend!


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