Summer Weekend Perfection.

We took a break.

And all God’s people said “Amen.” (Fair warning: This post is probably more about my sanity and family time than thrifting or DIY home renovation, so feel free to skip if this isn’t your jam.)

Andrew’s parents were so kind to keep Mac on Saturday night so we could have some time together. We really haven’t done much more than work on the house during the weekends since we moved, and it was wonderful to be able to play for a few days. As far as house stuff, all I did Saturday was paint our master bathroom and move a hutch into the dining room.

At the suggestion of some friends, we had made reservations at 5th and Taylor for date night and were not disappointed! The executive chef, Daniel Lindley, also opened my favorite restaurant in Chattanooga, and I knew we were in for a treat! New, trendy restaurants are not really my husband’s thing, but they are my favorite thing.  There is nothing I love more than getting dressed up to wine and dine the night away… I’m grateful that he indulges me on our dates.


I can’t even tell you how amazing the basil heirloom tomato salad was. It was the very best thing I tried (as in – I thought quite seriously about licking the plate clean), but we really went for it with crab dip and dessert too! Andrew had a spicy fried chicken entrée and I ordered the lamb. #happybellies  Afterwards, we met up with Andrew’s brother and sister-in-law at a place called Sinema. If you liked the Great Gatsby, you will appreciate this place. It was a fun, comfortable place to sit and relax after dinner.

I had picked up a new maxi dress a few weeks ago. I knew we would eventually go out, so this weekend was the perfect time to wear it. It fits the bump and gave me plenty of breathing room after such a big meal!


Mac had a fantastic time with his Nana and Grandad (affectionately referred to as “Gacky” for the time being).  They are currently putting in a stone patio/firepit, so there is a DitchWitch parked in their backyard. My son is completely fascinated with tractors (and firetrucks) right now, so as you can imagine this is a huge hit.


Such a big boy jumping off “Mac’s Rock”! HOW did he grow up so fast?

After church and naps on Sunday, we loaded up and headed out to the Williamson County Fair! I. Love. The Fair. Andrew and I went every year we were dating and newly married, so it brings back a lot of fun memories. We even took Mac when he was about a month old in Chattanooga!


This time was a lot of fun because Mac is old enough to know what many of the animals and things around him are. He was the cutest farmer I ever saw in the kids’ exhibit!



He was bustin’ a move every time we passed the bluegrass band on stage!

It was such a great weekend. Full of fun and family time (and sleep). It makes all of the craziness worth it, and I feel so much more refreshed for this jam-packed week. Thanks for following along if you made it this far through the post! Stay tuned for all kinds of home pictures coming soon… We have been working hard, and I love how things are coming together.













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