Painting Hallways & Reaping Contentment.

Oh-my-lanta… It has been a busy two weeks. Andrew has been busy on call with a bunch of screaming, laboring women. I bit off a big chunk of writing work and literally have been burning the sunrise and midnight oil trying to get caught up.

My mom’s 60th birthday is on Labor Day this year, and my parents are flying in for a long weekend on Friday morning! Needless to say, I am so excited. Sixty is a big deal! We always have so much fun when we’re together and it is going to be a blast to celebrate for five whole days.


We are still chugging away at the house, and I love it more with every fix. Andrew has been doing a lot of work with the electric and under the house… #yuck. Spiders and crawl space and a lot of dust. His little buddy is always ready to tag along.


That hasn’t stopped us from doing some of the “pretty” on the inside too! We painted the nursery last weekend, and I will do a whole post a little later this fall so you can see where I’m headed. This week we have gotten the upstairs hallway ceilings, trim and walls repainted in our “spare” time (ha! Laughing even as I type that.) It makes such a difference to walk up to a bright, updated landing… No more gold and brown!


And after! It’s amazing what (a lot of) paint will do.


Andrew is working on the switches. I still have to get a few things on the walls and a runner on the floor, but I am planning to keep it pretty simple. Mac is a human tornado these days, so I have just relented that one day I might have a “magazine house”… but it ain’t today. And I am so okay with that. Cheers to soaking up the fleeting moments of little people. (Yes, Mac’s door is still gold… We are going to ship him off to his grandparents’ house one weekend this fall and knock his room out all at once.)

We have been in Nashville for 8 weeks now. The first six weeks were definitely full of adjustments – not always fun ones. The house was in upheaval; we had no routine; things weren’t “supposed” to feel brand new because we have lived here before but they did anyways… Many days it would have been very easy to give into the frustration. I learned a long time ago that being content independent of circumstance is a choice. Just in the last two weeks, I have realized that the time I spent choosing to be content, aided by a lot of prayer, is paying off. Being content is not a constant decision these days; it has become the default reality. Yes, the house is still crazy sometimes and let’s be honest – I have a toddler who constantly chases the dogs and falls off of things and makes huge messes. But, there is sweetness and peace in the chaos. I am thankful.

67e8823baeb1ec332c5bf72a4db55880Choose contentment. Independent of your circumstances whether they be home, job, crazy family, lack or surplus of money…  It works. And if you don’t believe me, ask Him.

I am hoping to get a few posts done in the next two weeks since this space was so quiet the last two. Be on the lookout for a host of fall-ish maternity outfit ideas, master bedroom pictures, and our powder bathroom details. Just for fun, here is a sneak peak of the master!


Thanks for reading!









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