Maternity Outfit Ideas for the Transition to Fall

I am not one of those people who can get away with regular clothes disguised as maternity wear. I say this with all sincerity…”that must be so nice”. Not this girl. My hips and booty start speaking Kardashian the minute I see two blue lines. The best is when people try to put a positive spin on this aspect of pregnancy,  and it always goes something like, “It’s okay, honey… More room for baby!” Or… “Look at youuuuu! That baby must be swimming laps in there!” #stoptalkingimmediately

All of my old maternity clothes are from the summer season. With Mac, I was 8 months pregnant… in late August… in a valley… in middle Tennessee. If there was an Olympic sport for being hot, I would have crushed Michael Phelps’ gold medal record into bug dust. I am SO EXCITED to be big pregnant during sweater and slipper weather. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be hot and sweaty. But I probably won’t automatically despise every person I come into contact with for breathing up all of the air conditioned oxygen.

I’ve spent some time pulling together outfit ideas for the changing season. Fall is coming… and who doesn’t want to look cute paying an ungodly amount of money for that sugar free cinnamon orange pumpkin strudelcake nonfat apple mocha chai latte? There aren’t a ton of shapes and options when it comes to maternity clothes. It’s easy to resort to pulling on those stretchy yoga pants, but I don’t feel like me if I give into this for too long. Having a few go-to’s is helpful!

So, buckle up! Mediocre iPhone pics and fun outfit ideas abound… *It gets a little weird smiling for no one over and over.


I love a good layer. I have had this army green Ralph Lauren dress forever, and I think I’ve worn it as an actual dress maybe twice. It’s great to layer with jeans, long sleeves, scarves, a jacket overtop… and it can be dressed up or down. The top is clearance Old Navy Maternity, jeans are thrifted, and shoes are a TJMaxx find.


I thrifted this yellow tunic a few weeks ago at Thirftsmart. Jeans are thrifted. Booties are Steve Madden (I love the side cut out trend that is so big this year!), and the cardigan is old. A classic watch and some bling earrings make things a little more pulled together. A different option would be the combo below with some brown booties…



This outfit is going to be for those weird warm days where you need to look like you know it’s mid-September, but it’s still 85 degrees at 3pm. The jean vest is a vintage thrifted Levis piece. The Weejuns are thrifted from a store in Chattanooga and the tank is Old Navy clearance.


I am excited about this blazer that I thrifted a few weeks ago in Franklin. It’s classic and fits like it was made for me. I’m loving the 80’s vibe of big hair, huge hoops, and the structure up top. Fun.


I picked up this bodycon dress from the clearance at Old Navy too! I paired it with a really light suede vest I’ve had for 3-ish years (TJMaxx?) and a long necklace I “borrowed” from my mom about 9 years ago. This will be a great church outfit for early fall, and will transition nicely with a leather jacket, tights, and boots for later.

IMG_5065It’s weird. Not for everyone. I know. But I live in Nashville and there is always someone dressed weirder than me. I’m planning to pair this with a big fringe-y leather tote and be on my merry boho way.

IMG_5079I picked up this top years ago with my mom at a Goodwill in Manhattan. I think it’s actually a dress, but these black leggings and heels are a better look for me. Hair gets pinned up on this one because the back closure is a big, super sweet bow!


So, you have no excuse… You’ll have to say hello because I warned you about some of what I’d be wearing 😉

What are you wearing to gear up for fall?

Also, I know I say this at the end of every post, but seriously… Thank you so much for reading! I have a had a lot of fun blogging these last few months, and I really appreciate the positive, encouraging feedback from y’all.




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