It’s A GIRL.

Y’all. I didn’t know how much I had convinced myself that this sweet babe was a boy until my dad “opened our envelope” and tearfully pronounced “It’s a girl!!


Shocked is an understatement, and I don’t think my husband has even partially recovered yet. I have so loved being a boy mom… The dirt and wrestle and grime and stickiness… I absolutely would have been just as pumped if this baby was a boy. Yet I am so excited about the new things that come with along with a little girl. In the grand scheme of things, I am excited to (hopefully) have a close relationship with my daughter and everything that can mean… But until that day comes, this mama can get pretty giddy about frills, bows, and curls. I couldn’t sleep the night we found out, and I may have ordered “a few” headbands on Amazon. (Excuse the creepy, fake baby models…)

I may also give these pacifier clips a go as I have a lot of spare fabric and ribbon. Plus, I get pregnant and all I want to do is sew something…


My mom and I have laughed several times since the announcement as I had originally said “Whatever the gender, I think I’ll just do a neutral nursery with watercolor rabbits.” HA. It took about three minutes for me to change my mind there. Now I feel like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias:

 “My colors are blush and bashful, Mama… draped over anything that would stand still!”

It’s not gotten quite that serious, but there will definitely be pink in this little girl’s nursery. I hesitate to use the words “shabby chic” because that idea has been used and abused so much the last ten years. I’m thinking more 1940’s, French country, muted pink floral palette… Here are some of my inspirations so far:


Land of Nod

I have always loved buffalo check, which I originally thought would end up in my dining room. But, I am loving the idea of these curtains for a nursery. I will probably purchase fabric and make my own since I would like for them to be floor length with blackout backing (#givemeallthesleepingbabies).


I’m not quite ready to hang floral wallpaper, but this “feel” is talking to me. The walls will stay white, but the nursery furniture we have is very similar… The Jenny Lind crib and changing table, French-style dresser, and a white rocking chair.

I would like to find a pink, vintage, floral rug to set the tone:

I made the mobile for Mac’s nursery and enjoyed the hand-made touch it added to his space. I found some ideas for beautiful floral chandeliers and am thinking this might not be too hard! Plus, what a sweet statement piece to hang over a crib. In my perusing, I’ve found that I like bigger chandeliers with lots of greenery and muted pinks…

Here is a simple tutorial from Love Sparkle Pretty that I’m planning to start and run with:


And let’s not forget the rabbits as aforementioned… I can’t pass these up! I love their sweet faces. Maybe a little gallery of 4 prints above the changing table?

bd58189506b7df000b240da8e33da8e3I’m on the lookout for a less expensive version of this white rabbit lamp from ProjectDecor. With a lighter shade, something like this would tie in perfectly.

All you girl mamas, I’m sure I will need lots of tips! Right now I am still surrounded by firetrucks… tractors…  and Mac just learned to spit every time he walks outside. Thanks, Daddy 😉

Thanks for following along!







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