Project Updates: Kitchen, Foyer, and Study

Happy Monday to you!

I am hitting the ground running this morning… The last few weeks have been a blur of paint, sawdust, road-tripping, and family time! This week is shaping up to be a little more inline with our normal routine, and I am looking forward to that. I have a lot of laundry to catch up on!

A lot is changing around the Cotten house and it is looking SO good! September was full of mini projects (most of them under the house), but October has brought about some fun, visible changes inside. It’s funny – when we moved, I couldn’t wait to get to the decorating part of living in this new home. Now, I just get really excited for new crown molding and construction renovations! The nesting will come, but for now I am enjoying seeing the bones change a bit.

Here are a few pictures of the construction zone craziness from the last few weeks…


Dad came early this month and we started in on this brown, outdated kitchen. The cabinets have been painted (holy cow, what a chore) and the hardware has been changed out. By the way, finding and replacing 35 year old cabinet hinges is not an easy task. Meanwhile, that old fridge decided she didn’t like being pushed all over the place and showed her displeasure by leaking – aka flooding – the floor. At my mother-in-law’s recommendation, I went to the Sears outlet in town and found this Whirlpool beauty for less than half the retail price! We are so grateful!


Cabinets – Behr Classic Silver (oil-based); Hardware – Amerock

One of my favorite new additions is the BEADBOARD!


I am loving the neutral texture this adds to the kitchen. Andrew and I spent a long day working this past Saturday to get everything caulked and primed for painting. We have the first coat of trim paint up, but it will need another. (Yes, we are window scrapers… not window-tapers.)


The foyer coat closet was removed by my handy husband, and he also took the dentil trim molding out. We will put wider ~4 inch molding in the entry and down the hallway. We also painted the trim around the front door.

While Dad and Andrew were working in the kitchen, I took the time to paint the study. I had originally planned on a darker slate-ish grey, but ended up going lighter and I am so glad. The room looks much more bright and inviting than it would have.


Study – Behr Close Knit; All trim/molding/beadboard – Behr Falling Snow

The project list is still holding strong, but I am so happy with how things are coming along. It has been quite a process! I am really proud of my husband for taking this by the reins… He has learned so much and is making our home into a beautiful place to live. I will eventually get to decorate, but I am being content in the waiting.

Our Before-Baby task list over the next couple months looks like this:

  • Finish painting kitchen trim and walls (Behr Mission White)
  • Finish painting foyer and hallway (probably Behr Mission White, too)
  • Change out kitchen lights – I am dying for these beauties to come in! I found these large size Pottery Barn pendant lights at Southeastern Salvage for a steal (like $59/each), but they are on backorder. Worth the wait!


  • Add cordless wooden blinds to all downstairs windows
  • Den: Remove paneling/sheetrock/paint; whitewash fireplace
  • Bonus room: Paint paneling, replace carpet
  • Mac’s room: Paint, find furniture, and decorate
  • Nursery: Decorate

That should bring us right up to the beginning of next year. Obviously there is more to do (kitchen counters and hardwoods being the biggest things), but that is going to have to wait. I am patient, but I can’t do construction with a newborn! 🙂

Thanks for following along!


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