Charlotte Thrift Haul

I took Mac to spend some time with my parents in North Carolina last week. It was an un-rushed, relaxed trip with very little on the to-do list – my favorite kind of time with them. I love watching them enjoy their grandson.

Trips to NC always include shopping (and loads of coffee!) I haven’t posted a thrift haul in awhile, so I wanted to show you some of the goodies I found in the Tarheel State.

One of our favorite spots is “The Jesus Store” in Gaffney. If you’ve never been, make the time! It’s a huge warehouse full of new, wholesale-priced, designer shoes! I picked up these Sole Society  heels for $20, and I must say I am quite smitten with them. They are the perfect pop of sass for date night!

The Goodwill on Highway 74 is also one of our favorites. For whatever reason, they had a ton of new Liz Lang maternity pieces! I picked up this top in grey and in dark blue; they will be great for this transitional weather and with a cardigan as things really cool off. (You can take a look at how I paired the grey top with my new red heels on my Instagram sidebar!)

I have been wanting to switch out my colorful Fiestaware dinnerware for awhile now. A renovated kitchen seems like the perfect time to do it! My friend Sarah clued me in to the best thing a few weeks ago… White, thrifted dinnerware. I have started collecting thrifted pieces from the Pfaltzgraff Heritage collection (which is surprisingly NOT hard) as the core for my white dish collection. I have also found that I really love the look of mixed white patterns, so I am incorporating other complimentary designs to give my settings a more interesting look.


I am really loving how they are very similar but different too!




I found all of these dishes in 3 trips. THREE. I am hoping to have a full cabinet and make the big switch by Christmas! This is a fun hunt for sure.


Someone said to me the other day, “It just must be so much fun to shop and decorate a house!” The remark was said with a smile, but it was really a leading question implying that is all I do. I returned the smile (genuinely), and replied “It’s just stuff.”

As you read what I’m about to write, I want you to hear it spoken from the mouth of a very average, unsurprising, 30-something year old suburbanite. I don’t tell you this as someone who has all things figured out or never questions or never messes up. (I could list out my goofs to prove it to you, but there is a word limit on this blog thing and my kid just woke up.)

Bear with me here – I am no great teacher. But, picture a loud, wide, sparkling river that is banked by green grass, tons of flowers and huge oak trees. While the beautiful banks may draw your eye, the river is truly the star of the show because without the water, the banks would wither up. There would be nothing left because the source of life would be gone. The same is true in my life. Without the river that is Jesus, the flowery stuff of life (that sometimes falls into place) – a newly renovated house, a happy husband, a perfectly cooked meal, an articulate conference call, what other people think of me, and how efficiently/effectively I can get through my to-do list – withers away into nothing.

This past week I have been so thankful for the living water held out to me by Jesus. Ten plus years ago, I held out an empty cup to Him. He took my empty cup to a cross on a hill and came back with a life-giving water that has not once been anything other than abundant and satisfying.

All the stuff of life is so enjoyable at times, and I believe given by Him as part of His graciousness. But I would be remiss in this space if you left here thinking that my life revolves around it. There is a God who loves you and me, and He has stopped at nothing to make a way for us to drink from a well that does not run dry. If you leave here only knowing how to shop at a thrift store or put together a unique place setting, I am doing you the greatest disservice (and you should probably find another blog because I can give you a whole list of people who do it better than me :)) The real question is… are you thirsty? Forget your to-do list, your reputation, your schedule, your politics, your portfolio, and what you think you know. Be honest and ask yourself –  am I still unsatisfied at the end of the day when all of those things are in working order? If so, there is a cup with your name on it.

Thanks for reading!



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