Pallet Wood Advent Calendar

Confession #1: I have a woodpile. Pallets. Windows. Doors. Boxes. Random scraps. Old furniture. Right now, my pile is in our garage and it drives my poor husband crazy. Confession #2: I started this project last Christmas and didn’t finish in time for Advent. Confession #3: This isn’t nearly the detailed, Pinterest-worthy pallet wood Advent calendar you can find online… Continue reading Pallet Wood Advent Calendar

Reclaimed Barnwood: Kitchen Shelving

When we finished with our planked powder bathroom wall, we ended up with two extra, very similar boards. I knew immediately what I wanted to do with them – rustic kitchen shelving! So, I set out to find some dark, simple brackets… I looked online but ended up finding what I liked best at Lowe’s. Andrew… Continue reading Reclaimed Barnwood: Kitchen Shelving

Pregnancy All-Star Picks.

(I should entitle this post “How to stay decently clothed but feel like nothing is touching you + A few other things”, but it won’t fit in the header.) I’ve compiled a list of my go-to, must-have pregnancy items! I’m a pretty low maintenance preggo by most standards… I do well to remember two Flinstones’ vitamins and no extra… Continue reading Pregnancy All-Star Picks.