Pregnancy All-Star Picks.

(I should entitle this post “How to stay decently clothed but feel like nothing is touching you + A few other things”, but it won’t fit in the header.)

I’ve compiled a list of my go-to, must-have pregnancy items! I’m a pretty low maintenance preggo by most standards… I do well to remember two Flinstones’ vitamins and no extra espresso every day, much less what size root vegetable this baby is suspected to be on a weekly basis.  Nevertheless, there are a few things that I have continually reached for with both pregnancies!

Disclaimer: If you’re a guy, stop reading and just forward this link to your expecting ladyfriend. She’ll think you’re super sweet, and there’s all kind of body, booty, and hormone talk below that you will want to skip. Also, all opinions of brands and products are my own, and I am not being compensated in any way.

Here we go!

Bedtime Go-To’s

The last thing you want at night is to lay down and feel like something is cutting you in half. I find the best way to accomplish this is a soft, cotton or knit jersey, empire waist nightgown. I really love the Jasmine & Ginger nightgowns (sold at Dillards). They are soft, they hold up well, and I don’t feel frumpy.


I have had several J&G nightgowns, including this purple one that I wear all the time; while I don’t think they sell this exact one in stores anymore, here are two current options from the Dillards’ website…

Tip: Buy nightgowns with adjustable straps so you can adjust the length as your bump grows!

Oh, how I love a hot soak before bed. Especially when pregnant. My knees and hips get pretty sore, and Dr. Teal’s never fails to help calm my restless legs. It is pretty easy to find online, or you can pick some up at Target.


My neighbor in Chattanooga lent me her big maternity pillow when I was pregnant with Mac, and it was a lifesaver! I am getting to the point of wanting to buy another with baby girl, but I can’t remember for the life of me what the brand name was! I have been researching on Amazon and am considering this Leachco pillow.


Tip: Check out the reviews before you buy. I’m a hot sleeper, so the opinions have been helpful in narrowing down my search as many of these big pillows are noted to heat up pretty quickly.

I have also found a nighttime cup of decaf tea to be a treasure. Not only does it keep me from snacking and eating every sweet thing in our pantry after dinner, but it helps me relax and wind down. Yogi Teas are delicious, and the BedTime flavor is my favorite. You can order online for the most plentiful selection.

Clothing Go-To’s

Despite my love of thrifting, I’m not a huge fan of thrifted maternity clothes. People use them for multiple pregnancies, then share them with their friends, then donate them. By the time they end up in a thrift store, it’s hard to find any life in those threads. I really like the Target maternity lines because the clothes are affordable, modern, and they last! One of my favorite Target finds is the BeMaternity legging by Ingrid & Isbel. I have several pairs of these, in cropped length and full length. They keep their thicker shape, wash well,  and the top bands can be rolled down or pulled over your bump. 15802744.jpgWithout a doubt, Victoria Secret knocked it out of the park with their Everyday Perfect line of bikini and thong panties. I love these even when not pregnant, but they are just about the only thing I can stand past 22 weeks. They don’t cut, roll, move, or feel bunchy; they are low-slung enough in the front to sit under your bump. VS offers a variety of colors and usually has a deal when you buy several pairs at a time.

You also can’t go wrong with a classic Hanky Panky thong. The lace isn’t constricting, doesn’t show a panty line, and is pretty to boot! They make an original rise and a low-rise cut, so you have choices depending on how you are carrying.

Bodies change a lot during pregnancy, and my curves get pretty curvy. “Up top” is no exception, and some days it’s more uncomfortable not to wear some type of support. I found these thinner soft cami bra tops when I was pregnant with Mac, and I LOVE them. They are tight enough to keep the girls in check around the house and under tees/sweatshirts, but I don’t feel like I’m being suffocated by thick straps, hooks, and underwire. They come in a ton of color combos, have a simple criss cross back, and can be found online easily.


Champion Criss-Cross Cami Bra Top

Skincare Go-To’s

My all-time favorite skincare line is Clarins. It literally “fixed my face” in my early twenties. I have used this cleanser for yearsssss, but found that my changing hormones during the first trimester really made their mark on my face! While my skin is normally very sensitive and prone to dryness, all of a sudden I couldn’t keep the oiliness and breakouts in check. I (frantically) did some research, switched to the CeraVe brand, and have been really pleased with the results! 2464950.jpgThis is the first “oily skin” cleanser I’ve ever used that didn’t just completely irritate my face to death! I really felt like it removed my make-up, cut the oil, and left my skin still feeling hydrated.


I switched to the CeraVe moisturizers as well. They do not feel greasy, dry quickly, and I have not gotten sunburned using the daytime lotion. I have just now gotten to the place that I may be able to return to my Clarins products, but I was so grateful for these products when it seemed like nothing was working!

This next item I hesitate to even mention because of the cult that has formed around it! (#kidding #kindof) I do love my Rodan + Fields eye cream.

I won’t go into details… If you need details, just hint at one of the 30 zealots “enthusiastic” representatives you already know who sells it and they will more than fill your ear 😉  It’s expensive and I don’t normally spend this kind of money on make-up or skincare products. But with a toddler, moving, a house renovation, pregnancy, etc… this cult cream has kept my crow’s feet from becoming eagle’s feet. It works.

So there you have it… My (fairly) low-maintenance guide to pregnancy products. Thanks for reading along, and please don’t hesitate to forward this to an expecting friend or relative!









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