Three Fourths.

There is something immensely satisfying about three fourths of a renovation. There is also something amazingly frustrating about it.  When we started this whole process mid-July, Andrew and I drafted up a Before Baby List knowing we wouldn’t be able to do everything we wanted prior to her arrival. We are close enough to the end of that list that I can see everything in my mind’s eye, but everything feels and looks a bit “undone” still. (I do better with this some days as opposed to others… As in, “move over Joanna Gaines” versus “call your bff sobbing because the mop broke”. From what I hear, that’s pretty normal at this stage; and even if it’s not, I’m claiming 7 month pregnancy hormones and calling it normal.)

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to! You can see my feeble attempts to put something pretty on top of the construction… #coping.

This reclaimed wood is from my parents’ property in NC. My dad pulled it out of the old barn, and Andrew has planed and sanded it to perfection!


This is the new accent wall in the powder bathroom!!! I had originally intended to paint the wood, but it is way too beautiful for paint. Right now, my plan is to polyurethane and see how I like that. I don’t want to cover up the grain! (And as it turns out, I hate the white paint we used on the walls earlier this year. The bathroom in general is old and the bright white just magnifies the imperfections. We also figured out that the floor under the vanity has some water damage. This barnwood wall is the first of many fixes in this tiny room… but they may have to wait til ABC – After Baby Comes.)


The beadboard in the foyer and hall entrance is up! Walls are painted! Crown molding is the last thing to do, which is why I haven’t hung anything permanent on the walls yet. All the décor will move around once the crown molding is up, but I am so happy with how this turned out!


Look at the cute bench my mom sent! Right now it’s parked in the foyer, but it really matches most everything I own… I’m sure it will end up all over the house throughout the years.

The den and the bonus room are the next rooms to tackle. I started whitewashing the fireplace this past weekend and I’m really happy with it. As opposed to the fireplace I painted in the master bedroom, I wanted to leave a lot of brick and texture showing through this fireplace. Here is what I started with…


I pulled the glass front off (which was surprisingly easy), and cleaned some of the older soot spots with a water+vinegar solution.


At this point, I had a little freak-out. The white looked VERY stark against the orange-y brick and brown paneling. I kept painting and looked at it for a day. I realized once we get the walls and trim done, it’s going to look great. I’m planning to paint the inside of the fireplace with a black paint safe for woodburning spaces and also replace the brass glass with an iron screen. Trusting the process!


And you can see, it’s time to pick out paint. I’m having a hard time finding anything I love more than Behr’s Mission White. I would like to paint the bonus room and the den the same color for simplicity’s sake, but I’m not sure I love the idea of white playroom walls.

Mac’s “big boy” room has all the pieces ready, but we are stalling because I don’t want to pull him out of his prison crib before I have to. The trouble with keeping him in the crib is that I can’t move his furniture into the nursery… There’s that frustrating three-fourths, “I can see it but it’s not done” thing again. Patience is a virtue best hoped for some days.

Thanks for following along!









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