A Happy Friday, Indeed.

I blogged here a few months ago about the nursery for Baby Girl (we are sooooo close to a name!). I have been wanting to make a floral mobile to go above her crib, and this week I found the time to start! Actually, that’s not entirely true. I was procrastinating and decided that playing with flowers would be way more fun than what was on my to-do list.

I grabbed a few things from Joann’s and went to work at the kitchen counter. (Two wreath frames, green stem wrap, and some 24 gauge florist’s wire all totaled less than ten dollars.) img_6153

For the flowers, I used a few leftover bridesmaids’ bouquets from my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding plus the cake topper from my own wedding! The colors and feel are perfect for how I want this nursery décor business to go.


This turned out to be a really easy project! I am not uber crafty – I usually have to do things about three times to get them right. The long stems on the flowers helped hold them in place, and I used the florist’s wire and stem wrap when I felt things weren’t lying flat enough.


I wouldn’t say there was much of a method to my madness… I just kept adding until I liked the way it looked! I actually filled the smaller wreath holder with flowers and then decided I liked the look of just one layer. I used fishing line to drop the dangling flowers and then wrapped the length of those bunches’ stems with the green stem wrap to hold them in place.


I don’t have a hook in the ceiling yet to hang this from, so it’s a little difficult to photograph… Here is a picture hanging from the fixture in the dining room! Ha! #makeitwork

img_6171It is very sweet and very girly. I’m excited for the soft pops of color it will add above her white crib. I will be sure to post some better pictures when I show you the full nursery! I made Mac’s mobile and am excited to carry on the tradition.

In other news… the powder bathroom wall is poly’ed and looks even better than we had hoped!!! img_6165

How beautiful and what a special statement for our home. I am beyond excited. The towel racks still need to go back up and I haven’t picked new paint… Minor details, though! (I have already schemed how to use the two leftover boards for some rustic shelving on the blank kitchen wall below!)

We got the kitchen light fixtures up! I got tired of waiting for my back-ordered pendant lights, and the guy could never give me an answer about when they may come in. I had purchased these large lanterns “just in case”, and now I am so glad!


It was a bit of a challenge to figure out how long to make the chains. The other fixture “hole” near the cabinets is not centered, and if the light is hung too low someone is going to lose an eye. So our plan was to swag the fixture over “when we can find a kitchen island we like”. (IE – ziptie til then)

Well, wouldn’t you know that I walked into the Goodwill this morning and basically bumped into a bar cart that is perfect!!! Size and shape and color… Perfect.


I am going to take off the existing wheels and replace those with some very industrial/antique casters. We can paint it black to match the kitchen table when we do the counters next year. This was one of those “Thank you so much, Lord! You see even the little things” moments. (Including a few more Pfaltzgraff dishes to add to my collection!)

Thanks for following along. Have a wonderful weekend! It’s finally supposed to cool off and feel like winter here starting tomorrow!




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