Reclaimed Barnwood: Kitchen Shelving

When we finished with our planked powder bathroom wall, we ended up with two extra, very similar boards. I knew immediately what I wanted to do with them – rustic kitchen shelving! So, I set out to find some dark, simple brackets… I looked online but ended up finding what I liked best at Lowe’s.

Andrew and I figured out the length, he made a few cuts, and we set off to work! (Excuse the lighting in some of these pictures… Dying iPhone/nighttime/”construction lighting!”)


I wanted the brackets mounted at the very ends of the boards plus one in the middle because I felt like it gave the whole look a more rustic feel. After getting the brackets in the right place (which took a little bit of work because these are old, not-level boards) we placed the upper shelf on the wall first. Contrast between the objects on the top shelf and the height of the door trim was an important part of the placement.


Y’all, the squeals that ensued when this came together… I am so happy. They turned out just how I had pictured in my decorating head (how often does that happen?!)


img_4969I came up with this neutral combination of glass, wood, and greens pretty quickly… It seems I have been collecting rustic, kitchen housewares forever!


Holiday decorating is just around the corner and I can’t wait to load these babies up with greenery and all things Christmas!


Our house is coming together and I am ecstatic. I feel like 5 months of “not so pretty sometimes” work is coming together into a home that is starting to look and feel like us. Considering my pregnant nesting has kicked into like, 16th gear, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Stay tuned over the next couple posts for the master bedroom pics (finally!!), nursery and big-boy-bedroom progress, and some updated living room photos!

Thanks for following along!

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