Pallet Wood Advent Calendar

Confession #1: I have a woodpile. Pallets. Windows. Doors. Boxes. Random scraps. Old furniture. Right now, my pile is in our garage and it drives my poor husband crazy.

Confession #2: I started this project last Christmas and didn’t finish in time for Advent.

Confession #3: This isn’t nearly the detailed, Pinterest-worthy pallet wood Advent calendar you can find online (or what I envisioned), but I am determined to create some family Christmas traditions with my kiddo before he’s 15. I figured if I didn’t finish it this year it was never going to get done. And currently, Mac doesn’t have a clue that his mama’s traditions are half-done “rustic”.


I started by taking apart the pallet. I plotted out my “tree limbs” and hooks for 25 days of Advent and then simply nailed the boards together how I wanted. I used scrap wood for the bottom of the tree to that it would stand on its own. (The finished product turned out to be very heavy, and I’m glad I don’t have to figure out how to hang it on the wall!)


I bought the jars, stickers, and mug hooks from Hobby Lobby. No lie – placing those mug hooks into the wood took some muscle. You could always use plain nails depending on how you want it to look and what type of jars/containers you use. I had wanted to use the pretty  gold “Thickers”, but they turned out to be too thick to stick to a rounded jar. The black stickers worked much better. I haven’t used the ribbon yet.

One thing I like about this Advent tree is that it is a blank slate at this point. Sand + poly… Paint… Stain… Add ribbon. The options are endless and I am sure it will eventually get “more decorated”.


There are many different ways to celebrate Advent, and different calendars have different numbers of days. I chose to do the 25 day reading plan from Focus on the Family. I wrote one Scripture reference per day on a piece of red cardstock and simply stuck it in the jar. I am planning to grab some small treats and trinkets while I’m out tomorrow to add to the jars. If all goes well, this will be something we can do together as a family before Mac’s bedtime each night in celebration of Jesus as Immanuel.

Christmas is my favorite holiday for many reasons, and I am so excited for my little family to love it too.

Thanks for following along!



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