Master Bedroom

When we started renovating in July, we knew we wanted to start with the master bedroom. There was/is SO much to be done in the house that waking up in a fresh space was important to us (as opposed to opening your eyes and just seeing “more work.”)

Here is a reminder of what our bedroom looked like when we moved in! IMG_4650Very gold. And brown. Below was the view as you walked in from the hallway. (The open door is to Andrew’s closet.)


And, here is what that same view looks like today!


What did we do? We painted. Everything. And added a ceiling fan where there used to be a square, flat utility light.


This reclaimed wood headboard is by SchoolHouse Designs of Middle Tennessee. It adds the perfect touch of rustic to calm down the fancy of the dentil molding and grey.

I also painted the fireplace, which you can read more about here.


I knew I wanted some form of gallery wall where it is easy to add more framed photographs, and this is a start! The black and white house photographs are actually paintings of the houses Andrew and I have lived in since we got married – always a special, appreciated Christmas gift from his mom. The chairs on each side of the fireplace are from Tuesday Morning. (I got such a good price on those chairs I could not pay and get out of the store fast enough! I just knew someone was going to look up and realize they had made a terrible mistake!)

You might remember way back when I found these matching end tables in Chattanooga. Well, I held onto them and ended up using them in our bedroom! I spray painted them and added a knob to give the illusion of a drawer. The matching rope-wrapped lamps are from TJ Maxx.


I am still on the lookout for a rug to go under the bed, what to hang above the headboard, and some more “stuff” to cozy up the space. (I have played around with the idea of framing the sheet music to our first dance in a long frame to go above the bed!)

The room needs a few pops of color, but we are light years beyond the gold and brown where we started! I am pleased with the neutral grey palette overall… It’s calming and clean.

Thanks for reading!









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