The Bunny Garden: A Nursery for Natalie

Happy 2017, y’all! We are in fully baby-prep mode around the Cotten house these days. Our “big” projects are finished… I am putting the final touches on decorating what we have in place… AND the nursery is done! No one tell my children that the first child’s nursery was fully completed three months before he was born, and that the second child’s room was finally finished about 3 weeks before she was born. I wanted to wait for a sunny day = better pictures, but so much has been updated around here that if I don’t start showing y’all now I will never get to it all!

Sweet bunnies, floral, and a lot of pink have taken over a room that used to look like this (realtor’s photo):



It is girly and frilly and so much fun. Here are a few details…

When my parents were here over Christmas, we set my dad to work with the spray paint! The bunny lamp was a Craigslist find he coated in white, and the pink shade is from Goodwill. The chest of drawers was actually in Mac’s nursery but a more yellow color. I can’t believe how pretty it turned out to be with white paint… Perfect for a little girl.


The crib ensemble is pretty simple. A pink linen crib skirt, white ruffled quilt, and jute rug are all from Pottery Barn. I hung some framed chicken wire behind her mobile just to add some depth and texture to the wall. img_5076


The Velveteen Rabbit book was a gift from Uncle Caleb and Aunt “SaySay”. It ties the blue from rocker in just perfectly. The curtains on the windows were found at Ikea by my mom and I’m so glad she bought four panels. We used the second set to make end covers for the changing table. I love the way the ties look like long bunny ears hanging down! I’m planning to change out the pink baskets in the table for all matching white to give the table a more uniform look.


This sweet watercolor was painted by one of my friends, Lillian, and gifted at our shower. She hangs right next to the door over the light switch, and I smile every time I see her.


The framed handkerchief was my grandmother’s, the soft rabbit was in Mac’s nursery, and my mom gave us the lower case “N” as part of our Christmas. The shelves above the rocker are simple, sweet, and house a lot of the things I hold dear for our sweet girl. Now we just need her to get here! Only a few more weeks…

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