How To: Fake a Mudroom

One thing that gave me pause about buying this house is that there is no official mudroom space. We had ZERO storage space at our house in Chattanooga, and everything just seemed to pile up on the end of the kitchen table. While there is a separate laundry room in our new house, it’s not close enough to the back door to make good storage sense. I knew when we moved in that I was going to have to come up with some sort of system (or lose my mind). We are “outside people” with three dogs and little ones in and out all the time… Muddy boots, work bags, balls, hats, diaper bags, coats, and the like are never far away. Especially with the influx of cold weather, it doesn’t take long for these things to get out of control!

I started looking around online for ideas and eventually decided a repurposed armoire was the best option! It took a few weeks, but my mom and I found a Craigslist option while she was visiting that has proved to be perfect.


Our back door is right around that corner, so this is a perfect place to drop off our daily junk and keep it out of eyesight… #happymama. The piece is black, obviously, which goes with the end goal of my furniture plan for this room. (Orange floors + the red and blue hues will eventually get the boot.)


To help optimize the space inside the armoire, I picked up a few things from Lowe’s: a 3 foot tension rod, a wire shelf, and several different types of command hooks.


Mac already knows where to put his shoes and takes great delight in “organizing” his space 🙂 There is plenty of room for scarves, gloves, shorter jackets, the diaper bag and a few go-to purses. I only put one wire shelf on the bottom because Hubs’ workboots fit well in the bottom right cabinet.

We’ve had this piece of furniture for less than a week, and it has already been such a help in cutting down on the clutter. If you don’t have a “drop off space” or official mudroom, you may still have room for this type of solution! If you are looking on Craigslist like I did, search “armoire” as well as “entertainment center”. (Televisions are so much bigger these days that many folks are trying to get rid of their older furniture.) I wasn’t opposed to refinishing or refurbishing a piece, but I was grateful to find one in the color and condition I wanted!

I started working on my winter fireplace décor this past week, and less clutter definitely helps this nesting mama to …


Thanks for following along!



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