Weekend Recap!

This past weekend was great… Between the snow, family time, church, and a few little projects I was a happy girl. (Mac really likes the idea of the white stuff, but isn’t so keen on the reality. I think he gets it from me.)

The sewing bug has hit! Things have slowed down now that the holidays are over, and I finally have time to pull out my sewing machine and let some creative juices flow… Please hear me : I. Am. Not. A. Seamstress. It would be so unfair to the incredibly talented and detail-oriented people in this world to group me with them. I have a sewing machine. I know how to turn it on. I sometimes know how to thread it and sew adequately straight lines. It takes me multiple attempts to do what most would probably consider easy. I say too many bad words sitting at said machine. I do it because it reminds me of my grandmother who was an incredible seamstress, I like fabrics, and sometimes things turn out okay.


I pulled together some old scraps of fabric I had already cut, and quickly quilted a little changing pad for the car for Natalie. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s nice not to have to lay a newborn on those plastic pads or the rough carpet for a diaper change.

I also put together some paci clips! The fabrics are from two different fat quarter bundles (Hobby Lobby) and I ordered the clips off Amazon. After a little research, I decided on the plastic clips as opposed to the cute round metal ones – the plastic can go through the washing machine!


The girly prints are for Natalie, and I put together the blue clips for some precious newborn boys that will be making their appearances soon. I played around with different lengths and widths based on the tutorials I found online. One thing to note – these work great for infant toys as well as pacifiers!


You may have seen this video on social media recently. I watched it yesterday and thought “Just wow.” There are so many life lessons here, but the thing that struck me most is how much I want my daughter to love herself for who she is. I want to teach her to live in the light that she – and every other person she meets – is fearfully and wonderfully made by a Master Designer. I was convicted that I don’t always talk or think of myself/other people in this way, and I was challenged to think about the how some of my behaviors and speech need to change in order to model what I want Natalie to know.

Along the same vein (kind of) of beautiful people, the Golden Globes were last night. I love love love Red Carpet Season!!! One of my favorite things in life is to get dressed up, so I make a point of tuning in to see the gowns, jewelry, make-up… In the spirit of building up those around you, I thought I’d give a few shout-outs for my best dressed picks!

fullsizerender-5She doesn’t always get a ton of attention, but I am a huge fan of Drew Barrymore’s style on and off the Red Carpet. This laid-back sequin look was absolutely perfect and my top pick.


Olivia Culpo pretty much slayed in this ornate Zuhair Murad gown. While this was very different from Drew’s drape-y sequins above, I loved the whole look.

fullsizerender_1-3And last but not least, I thought the pearl accents in Janelle Monet’s updo were just precious! They were fun, unexpected, and complimented her black and white ensemble without being distracting.

Thanks for reading! I hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start!








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