Life Lately.

“Life with two” leaves little time for blogging! Between midnight feedings, fighting a cold,  and chasing a very busy 2.5 year old, I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends. I don’t have many words because the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet, but I thought I would at least try to share some pictures of what life has held the past few weeks! What I lack in words will hopefully show through in pictures.

I had a birthday a few weeks after Natalie was born. What a non-event that becomes in your mind when you have a newborn! But, my husband did such a wonderful job to make sure I felt celebrated and spoiled. He got some extra time off work, cooked a huge meal, took me out for another really nice meal, and made sure we had some quality time as a family.

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We went to North Carolina for my best friend’s wedding earlier this month. Catching up with college roommates was such a blast! How life has changed…

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Hanging out with my family is always so much fun. I am really blessed to have immediate family that I not only love, but really like to be around.



Mac had such a great time with Emmy and PawPaw… Four wheelers at the farm, tending the horses, bulldozers, and even a trip to the fire station – he was one happy kid.



Natalie is doing great! Seven weeks old today, starting to sleep longer stretches at night, loving food and mama, and even showing us a few intentional smiles! She did great in the car on the way to NC.


As far as the house, we are focusing on the landscaping at the moment. Planting season is so close now that (hopefully) the last cold snap has passed! Last week we had the 5 HUGE pine trees looming over our house and driveway cut down… for a number of reasons and I’ll spare you an explanation. Our yard is looking pretty sad these days, but not for long! Andrew and I spent some time yesterday mapping out several flower gardens, new trees, a really pretty landscape around the mailbox, and the new plan for the driveway. We also have a 15 x 20 foot garden in the back yard that will hopefully give us our summer’s worth of veggies!




There is Andrew tearing down the pergola in the back yard, which I think was doing nothing but housing rodents underneath! Hopefully this fall there will be a big deck taking its place!

I’ve made a few random trips to the thrift store… I haven’t found much (which is proof positive that you have to go often to be really successful), but I did pick up two pair of shoes for the warmer months!


Life is busy, but we are adjusting and thankful that it’s “good busy”. Thanks for reading along! I’m hoping to get some good bonus room before and after pictures up this week!









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