Before & After: Bonus Room Makeover!

When we were looking for houses, a bonus room was on our must-have list. I instantly loved the layout of the bonus room in our new house because it is right off the den… Close enough to know what’s going on, but I don’t have to actually be in the room to supervise kiddos. When we moved it was one of the most outdated rooms – dark wood paneling and trim with thick brown shag carpet, dark window treatments, and black outlet covers. YOWZA. After we updated those aspects, this has become one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s casual, fun, and has plenty of space for my boy to run.

Take a look at the before:


We removed the door between the den and stairs to open the flow between the rooms. The new wall color is Still Moment by Behr (the same as Mac’s bedroom) – it is grey with a hint of green. We left the brown trim, and I’m still deciding if I want it to eventually be white. That might be a rainy day project in 5 years when the rest of the house is actually finished 😉

Alright – let’s take a look at the AFTER!




This is a big room, and I have intentionally left lots of open floor space for my busy boy because let’s be real – most days it looks like this:


This spring we are going to finish decorating our den… I am saving the before and after photos until we get new furniture so you get the whole feel of the new den. But, the two chairs that are in the den now will probably be moved up to the bonus room. Although the chairs are a little tired, the colors will go well; because they aren’t brand new, I’m not worried about spills and wear. I think we could use the seating for friends/family visits as we have ended up spending a lot of time in this renovated bonus room!



Thanks for following along with our reno! We are having a blast with it!

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