Spring: On Scripture, Sleeping, & Sowing.

SPRING IS HERE! (And I am really sorry for the corny alliteration. I couldn’t help myself…)

I am so excited. Being cooped up in the house with a busy boy and a newborn is not my idea of a good time. We are spending every possible moment outside. The latest “activity”: I dig up a shovel full of dirt, put it in Mac’s red wagon, and he proceeds to use his little rake to extract all of the roly-polys, snails, and earthworms. Gross? Ish. Perfect for a little boy? Definitely.

We have also started memorizing some simple Bible verses with Mac. It is a good way to keep his mind busy while I am feeding the baby or when we are riding in the car. He catches on quickly and it is so precious to hear his little voice reciting Scripture. Here is the list I am using currently: http://ministry-to-children.com/bible-memory-verses/


Natalie pulled a fast one on me last week and tried to flip her days and nights! She had been doing really well sleeping at night and late into the morning… too well, actually. I dug in my heels and pulled out the Babywise book – time for a schedule ASAP! We did Babywise with Mac starting around 11 weeks, and I am convinced that it is why he is still such a good sleeper. If you are having trouble with sleeping, this is what I can recommend. I am no baby-sleep expert, but this type of parent-led schedule for sleeping and feeding has worked wonders for our family. Sleep deprivation is no joke, and I am all about doing whatever it takes to remedy life to normal as quickly as possible after having a baby.


At 8 weeks old and after a few days of adjustment, Natalie is sticking pretty closely to a “1am, 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm” schedule. It’s becoming easier for her to go to sleep for naps because her body knows what to expect. If you want to learn more about Babywise, you can order the book online… Or if you want some quick information, check out Mama’s Organized Chaos. This blogger speaks my unofficial third love language (Get Your Kids to Sleep), and has great, accessible information about where to start. Like I said – I am no expert, but it’s worth the time if this recommendation can help a tired mama.



I’ve figured out my Natalie really prefers to sleep with her arms by her ears (as opposed to being swaddled with her arms by her sides). We are going to give this sleep swaddle a shot!


We are still focusing on the yardwork! This past weekend, we got the grass seed/straw out, trimmed the bushes so you can actually see from the rocking chairs, and prepped the garden for planting!


I’m looking for some cute ways to label our crops – so far we have seeds for corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, okra, basil, cilantro, spinach, bibb lettuce, and green beans. I’m hoping to find something Mac can help me with, and I am leaning toward something like these painted rock markers.


As far as the inside of the house, I have changed my plans a little bit. After several months of living in our dining room space it has become clear that it is too small! The table isn’t big enough and the room is hard to maneuver when full of people. SO… At the suggestion of my wise mama, I am going to convert the existing dining room to a study and change the existing study (which is right now a big empty room that I keep avoiding because I don’t like the idea of filling it with office stuff) into the new dining room! I’m thinking a 12-person table, a hunt board or buffet along the back wall, and maybe some French doors to separate it from the study/office space!


I think it will be a lot better use of the space for our family and how we live. Now, to start the hunt for that big table…

Thanks for reading!







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