Shopping Swimwear Out Loud

Swimsuit season is right around the corner! While I am working hard to lose this baby weight with diet and exercise, the idea of walking around with no clothes on anywhere outside of my bedroom sounds like zero fun. (This second-time-around baby weight is stubborn! Anyone else experience that too?) I was trying on my swimwear the other night and got pretty discouraged, so I hopped online to try and find a few updates I could feel good in. I am absolutely determined to enjoy my summer, the sun, and my babies. I refuse to slink around from poolchair to poolchair wrapped in a beach towel praying no one asks me to actually function like the mother of two children. So, flab be damned, this girl is gonna love this postpartum body sun-up to sun-down. All that said, can I just shout a serious “Praise Jesus” that one-piece swimwear is a major trend this summer?

Here are a few things I am waiting on to arrive! (I didn’t want to pay a ton for each piece because I need several, and I don’t plan to wear a one-piece forever. These options are all from Amazon, super affordable, and researched to verify the quality and fit.)




Never one to skimp on the accessories portion of any outfit, I do love me some beach hats and cute cover-ups. See?


Wanna know a secret? Buy these off season. With the exception of the pink eyelet cover-up below, I picked up all of these pieces when it was less than 40 degrees outside and saved a ton of money doing it that way. Wanna know another secret? That bright pom-pom piece at the bottom (with the $10 clearance sticker) was in the lingerie section.


I really like the idea of cover-up pants this summer. There is big “watercolor” trend this summer, and I LOVE it. These cover-up wrap pants from Anthropologie:


So pretty. And so out of my budget. Also this pair from Tory Burch:


Here is a more affordable option I found by Venus… But if I’m being honest, I’m probably going to head to the thrift store for this purchase. There are tons of great print, wide-leg pants just waiting on a new home!


You know I love a good red carpet, and the Met Gala is no exception. This is where most celebs really let their fashion-crazy go. There are basically no rules, so you get to see a lot of unique things. It’s my personal opinion that many people leave their good taste at home trying to out-crazy the next person, so maybe that’s why my best-dressed list is a little more tame than you’d expect! The quick and dirty = Rita Ora’s red dress and Lily Collins’ gown were really special, the pantsuits were my favorite (especially Cara Delevingne! Wow!), and Mr. Jonas was looking quite Gatsby-esque in his dapper tux. Well done, y’all!


I guess I’ll have to stick to beach hats and leave the couture for another day 😉 Hope y’all are having a great week!



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