Refurbished: Wooden Spool

Happy Friday, y’all!

I have to show you an update of our latest project! Awhile back, I found a few pictures of these old wooden wire spools …


I thought, ‘oh baby, that has my name written all over it.’ I found one online and came so close to buying it, but then life got busy so I put it off. You can imagine my utter delight when we were driving down the road to my in-laws’ place in Lewisburg… on the side of the road sits this old man (old as in ‘one foot on a banana peel’, if ya know what I mean) selling industrial wooden wire spools!

I bought two for $25 total…


Sidenote: It was pouring down rain. I was wearing heels. Guess who carried and loaded these things into my land-yacht Suburban. You got it… My super handsome, super annoyed husband. There was some serious grumbling, but it subsided after I convinced that we’re gonna redo one for ourselves and then sell the other one.


Pretty rough looking, right? That’s what Andrew said too. It’s okay because #vision.

Before I go dogging him anymore, I have to say that Andrew knocked this one out of the park. I knew what I wanted the end result to look like but had more than a few doubts once the process started. What I thought was going to be a matter of a quick sanding and a few coats of stain turned out to be nothing like that. Andrew took it a totally different direction and the result is beautiful.


He actually decided to take the whole spool apart. He removed the inner rods and CLR’ed the rusty pieces you would see once the table was put back together. Then sanded each piece individually. Then poly’ed each piece individually.



Okay, are you ready? Here is our beautiful, newly refurbished coffee table!


How gorgeous is that?! I am so happy!  (Ignore the clutter. He’s just inside for pictures because he clashes with the orangey hardwoods. He’ll come inside for good once we get the floors done.)


And speaking of hardwoods, we picked out our floors this week! We are doing tile and solid hardwood, and I was super excited to come across tile and wood that are pretty much identical. My one hesitation about putting tile down (in the kitchen) is that it would disrupt the visual flow of the floors, but this pairing is better than I could have imagined! I am ready to get this floor show on the road!


Back to the spools… the second spool top is quite a bit bigger in diameter than our coffee table. My plan is to refurbish it and add hairpin legs like these.

I hope your weekend is off to a great start. We have a few different get-togethers planned, and I am whipping up some of my favorite Texas caviar. If you’ve never had it, just google it for examples. My favorite is the version with black-eyed peas, red onions, and tons of fresh cilantro!

Thanks for reading!



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