Before & After: Powder Bathroom

The powder bathroom has been done for about a week and a half! I would have taken pictures sooner, but it took me a week to decide where I wanted the towel bar (talk about majoring on the minors!) We pretty much gutted this bathroom and started from scratch. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

When we moved in, June 2016:


Oh, hey there, 1983. Good to see you go.

In the process of examining what we wanted to do to this room, we found that there was rotten subfloor under the vanity. This meant we would have to do a complete overhaul. We fixed it to the point of livable last fall with some fresh paint and the accent wall, knowing the big remodel would come in 2017.

Progress, Fall 2016:

Ready to see the final product?



Big difference, huh?! I love Before & After pictures… I really love them when they are of my house!


The toilet, vanity, and faucet are from Lowe’s. I changed out the vanity hardware to match the new light fixture, towel bar, and faucet. The navy paint is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy, and the restored planks are from my parent’s barn in North Carolina. The tile is the same Petrified Hickory Fossil that we used in the kitchen. Andrew put in new 4 1/4 inch baseboard and 3 1/2 inch crown molding – both painted in the Behr Falling Snow semi-gloss that wIMG_2312e have used for all of trim and beadboard.

Here is my inspiration picture, and I’m pretty close. I was planning to change out the picture for a new horse painting and neutral rug, but I liked the quirk of the cow painting and the bright pop of the teal rug I had! The good thing about this design is that it is so very versatile. It will be so easy to switch out colors, pictures, and décor as I want.


Thanks so much for reading! We are headed to the pool (again) because what else do you do when it’s 100+ degrees outside?



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