Laundry Room: Before

Next up on the renovation list: the laundry room! As far as updated, functional spaces go, my laundry room is currently best described with the screamer emoji. You know this one… the little blue man with his hands by his face and pained expression? Yep… That’s the current state of affairs. And guess what? I didn’t even clean before I took these pictures. I want you to see just how far we have to go!


To give you some frame of reference, this room is downstairs in the hallway between the kitchen and living room. This view is from that hallway door. You would not believe the “house supplies” I have crammed into this tiny space. And what, for the love, is that half-shutter on the window accomplishing?


See? I told you… No shame. I didn’t even pick up the clothes before I took the pictures. LOOK at all that junk!!! Sidenote: I cannot stand clutter. It drives me bonkers. And I lose a few brain cells and days off my life every time I walk into this room.


Not a ton of space. I do realize that if I had chosen a smaller washer and dryer that this might be a bit easier. But, lemme tell you, I would ninja-fight you for that Whirlpool Cabrio set. I LOVE it. From someone who absolutely despises laundry, these things make it tolerable.

Please note the perpetually packed pool bags that never seem to get unpacked ’til November, the sheetrock hole where my son pulled a broom off the wall, and the calendar that has been turned to August for about 2 1/2 weeks because I was DONE with July. I feel like this is the room where my inner crazy is free to roam. Somebody tame this madness!!


Can we please talk about how the builders of this house put these square, flat ceiling lights in EVERY room? Every bedroom. Every hallway. Every closet. I feel like I’m walking through a surgery center.

Okay. Enough of the crazy. Let’s talk about the vision and the plan. The goal is to maximize the function and make it tolerably pretty. I so love all of the beautiful 600 square foot laundry suites you see online… You know, the ones with double sinks, flower pots, frolicking children, slobbery basset hounds, and two non-pictured housemaids who fold all the clean underwear and find all the rogue socks. Clearly not what I’m working with. This is 1983-tiny-laundry-space-land, people. So, here is my real-person, real-home, real-function inspiration…


The more we work on this house, the more I appreciate easy, classic functionality. My husband was insistent that we put tile in the kitchen as opposed to hardwood, and he was so right. It is easy to clean, I don’t worry about water damage, it’s more durable, etc, etc, etc. When it comes to renovating this laundry space, function is the name of my game. Because the room is not huge, maximizing the wall space is key. Hooks, cabinets, mounted drying racks are a must. I will put hooks on the back of the door to hide the brooms/mops. The rest of the junk will be hidden in a cabinet.

When we first moved to Chattanooga, our little bathroom had black and white penny tile; I have loved it ever since and really wanted to incorporate it somewhere in this home. It adds texture and personality without taking up any space. We will replace that half shutter with an actual plantation shutter, and I’m still deciding about what type of light fixture. I really like some of the more modern flushmount fixtures than what’s pictured, but I think I might get tired of that quickly.  The black and white scheme is classic, and I love that about this room inspiration.

We moved the dog bowls into the laundry room when we were working on the kitchen, and I have loved that -ie – it’s much cleaner and I don’t have to look at it. I’d like to find something a little more sightly than that blue plastic container we’ve had since we got married. Something like this, but made for dogs who have 3.5 inch legs 🙂

c5028752ad3bf6d885c02f042fc52cf0--raised-dog-feeder-diy-dog-feeder.jpgWe will start on this “pretty soon” (what we always say when talking about timeline), and I will keep you updated on the progress! If you’re not subscribed, click on that button over there and you will get emails when I post new pictures! Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Laundry Room: Before

  1. Janice Slawter says:

    I love how honest you are….not cleaning or straightening up before posting.
    Good luck in this project. This area is another important part of any home after
    the bedroom,bathroom,kitchen, then laundry!

    Love your blog!!!!
    cuz Janice

    Liked by 1 person

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