The Little Things

I am only detail-oriented when I concentrate on being just that. While I can really appreciate every jot and tittle in place, I don’t thrive on daily basis details like some people do. Hence, I hate to follow a recipe. I never learned to count music well. By the end of the month, my calendar defaults to a to-do list of the small things I pushed off for a later day.

I don’t have a lot of heartburn about this detail thing because I know it about myself, expect it, etc. But there comes a time when the little things accumulate into a mass of little things and need to be addressed. So! Here’s a quick look at the details I’ve addressed in the last week or two…

FullSizeRender (2)

Blinds for the back door in the kitchen. We have spent the last year eating dinner with our eyes squinched up (is that a word?) because the afternoon sun pounds through this glass door. Sidenote: People in middle TN are losing. their. minds about this upcoming eclipse. I don’t know what that poor astronaut woman they hired to report it on the news is going to do… She has been on every night talking about outer space, and come next Tuesday morning, I think her world may be all downhill. All that to say, you won’t need your eclipse goggles to come eat dinner at my kitchen table anymore.


I sold the dining room table! It was too small for our entire family to sit down for a meal together, so people were ending up in two separate rooms for get-togethers. Talk about a buzz kill. I listed it on Facebook Marketplace, and it sold within a week! So our room is now back to looking like we just moved in minus the gold paint and tan trim… No furniture. Toolbox ever present. Random stuff in corners. Tomato tomahto. The dining room table I want Andrew to build is HUGE; as in it will have to be assembled in the room. Which can’t happen ’til the hardwoods are done. All a work in progress, people.


I picked up this piece of furniture from my parents before they moved. It was a little dinged up, but I used some black gloss spray paint to hit the rough parts. It cleaned up well and now sits where my green tea cart used to sit in the living room. I moved the tea cart to the front porch because I have dreams of filling it with plants. I grow a garden for one year + keep a few plants alive inside, and I have secretly convinced myself I am a natural-born botanist with green thumbs, fingers, hands…


Raised the headboard! When the owner at Schoolhouse Designs came to drop our headboard off, he was nice enough to attach it to the bedframe. Awesome! Except he did it too low. This is raised about 3.5 inches and it has a much more substantial presence in the room. Because I’ve known this tiny task needed to be done for months, I have put off buying any kind of artwork/decor to go above the bed. So, there’s another little thing I’ll get to at the end of some month.

Also, another sidenote: If you want to test the true grit of your marriage, I want you to go to your bedroom right now, remove the bedskirt, and ask your husband to assist you in replacing it in its proper position. You’re reading this thinking “okay, whatever, Neely…”. I see you thinking it because I would think it too. Andrew and I don’t fight often, and I bet you and your spouse don’t either. But you try to explain how a bedskirt is supposed to lay, why the middle needs a crease, and what he needs to do to help you – all the while trying to balance a 7,000 pound memory foam mattress. Basically, you just get back to me when you are mad enough to see noises and hear colors. I won’t say I told you so.


Changed out the curtains in the playroom! To ones that need to be hemmed – ha! I like these black and white patterned drapes much better than the long white ones that were here previously. They frame the room and the window, and for some reason I think they look like movie theater curtains? Cute for a kids’ play room.

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

Bought a screen door for the back and updated the lights! I have wanted this for awhile, but again… little things. The handles and hinges for the door were white, which I didn’t love. I spray painted them with a flat black outdoor paint; they should be dry now, actually, and then Andrew can put it up! I am in the kitchen a lot and Mac loves to be on the back patio. He is getting old enough that I could open the back door and listen to him play while I cook. I am excited for this addition, especially with cooler weather coming. And to all of our neighbors, I am so sorry the back of our house is a mess of outdoor toys and remodeling. It will get better, I promise.

Thanks for reading about the big things, the small things, and everything in between!





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