Light It Up!

Since we finished the laundry room earlier this month, we’ve been plugging away at a few small projects.

You may remember that the dining room – previously the formal sitting room – has no lights! It’s on the north side of our house, so things get pretty dim in there as the day progresses. I plan to use our dining room a lot, so I knew we needed plenty of lighting options. After what seemed like hours of measuring and figuring, we settled on four recessed lights and two hanging pendants over what will be a 10ft. dining table. Andrew has learned so much over the past year, and he did a great job running the electric to this room. (Excuse the grainy picture… no lights!)


The pendants from the kitchen will move to the dining room. They make more sense there now that we have removed the island. Which means – I have to find new lights for the kitchen. Let me tell you that this has been the hardest thing I have done with this entire house!


This pendant and semi-flushmount came in this week, but I’m having doubts. I’m really focusing to keep on par with the “modern farmhouse” vibe, and I can’t see where to go. Trying to stay away from too industrial… too country bumpkin… thinking it may be a good idea to mix metals in the kitchen to give it some more depth. Copper? Antiqued brass?


And now I have looked at it for so long that I can’t tell up from down. (It’s amazing how a little thing like picking new lights can make you feel like you need to scratch it all and start over! Ha! Don’t tell my husband I said that.) The good news is – my mom is on her way into town! When you don’t know what to do, call yo mama.

We are hopefully pretty close to choosing a backsplash and kitchen counter (right now I have all the feels for LG Minuet quartz), which is exciting but gives me some serious fuzzbrain about the lights.

In other news, I’ve found a few great deals on Facebook Marketplace recently! The first being this gorgeous fiddle leaf fig… IMG_0456

I also picked up this nail-trim, tufted office chair… for FREE!!! A couple had just bought an office building, and they were trying to get quickly get rid of all the furniture that had been left behind by the previous owner. It needs a little love, but I think it will end up being a solid piece for the study!


I switched out those plastic black wheels for some heavy, bronzed casters to elevate the whole look.

Now comes the trickier part – repairing the wear on the back edges…


I got lucky that the brown dye from the 3M repair kit is a pretty great match. It’s going to need another coat, smoothing out, and a good cleaning – but I think it will be a pretty decent fix once I’m done. To be honest, I’m not going for perfection because the chair won’t last forever. (If it had been really nice leather, I would have shelled out the money to have it professionally repaired.) For now, this will be a good stand-in.



I hope you have a fantastic pre-Halloween weekend! I L. O. V. E. playing dress up with my kids, taking them trick or treating, etc. The weather is supposed to be pretty miserable this weekend in Nashville, but I’m not gonna let it get us down!


My sweet fireman, Halloween 2016


Thanks for following along!





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