Hair Faves

Most bloggers do “Friday Favorites”… I’m stepping out of that lane and hopefully giving you a short distraction until it’s time to eat loads of candy tonight! I realized that I have found a few new hair products and routines that I’m loving, so I thought I would share! Here are a few of my current Hump Day Faves:

Batiste Dry Shampoo 

Dry shampoo, in general, would be on my Top-5-Take-to-a-Desert-Island-List anyways, but this stuff is so good. (I wash my hair about twice a week. I’d probably try to do it less, but I think my husband might revolt. He can’t understand why I don’t wash it every morning like he does. #sillyboys.) Although I have a lot of hair, my hair is very fine. Any type of heavy product just weighs it down, which is the opposite of what dry shampoo should do. Batiste is not heavy and it smells. so. good. The Bare is my favorite for routine use. IMG_0514

This may surprise you, but I use my dry shampoo at night – not in the morning. I find that it has more time to work and lift my hair overnight as opposed to frantically spraying it on while I’m trying to get out the door! After I wash my face at night, I give my crown a good once over and pull my hair on top of my head. Which leads me to number two…

Invisibobble Hair Bands

Think phone cord that doesn’t crease your hair or hurt your head. I use them at night because I can still pull my hair up but avoid that nasty crease in the morning. This is after I have sprayed my dry shampoo.IMG_0512invisibobble-ORIGINAL-blush-packaging-singleI got mine at Cosmetic Market, but you can find them online easily. Let’s see what my crazy head looks like in the morning, and what to do about it…

Don’t Fight It. Work With It.

You know how you wake up and everything from your ears down looks like it got rubbed with sandpaper? Most people wash their hair just to make that more manageable, not necessarily because it’s dirty. IMG_0546This picture is from this morning before I left to go run errands. Day Three since my last wash. I had some good lift at the roots thanks to my overnight dry shampoo routine, but the bottom looks frizzy and out of control. I could give in and throw it in a messy bun (slacker)… I could try to fight the frizz with a straightening iron (which will eventually ruin it)… or I could take a few quick steps to work with it to make it look purposeful and put together.

Frizzy hair? A quick beach wave curl on low heat is your best friend. We’re not talking Shirley Temple curly to the ends… Just a few quick turns midway down the length of your hair to give it some definition.


But now we want to make it stay put / not return to its frizzy clump state. So…

Texturizing Spray

This stuff is gold. Spray the new waves with a light mist and scrunch up for some volume. You can even spray and then separate the ends into finer strands for a more casual look.

IMG_0552I used this Quick Tease by Redken. It’s second only to my very favorite – Garnier Texture Tease. You can use this type of “sticky” product to add volume to the ends of your hair, under your crown for a big tease, and as a finishing lighter version of hairspray. Texturizing spray gives three day old hair new life and purpose.

IMG_0550This was my finished look before heading out to errands. It took less than 5 minutes and pulled me out of that tired-mom-of-two-sick-kids box. (Fake it til you make it, right?)

KITSCH Bobby Pins

I had regular bobby pins in my do this morning, but I am loving these “elevated bobby pins” by Kitsch.


They have such cool hair accessories. Look at this marbled pony cuff! MarbleHair-ponyCuff-1280x1280__02086.1501888556.1280.1280Thinking I might love to find some of these in my Christmas stocking (*hint hint*)


You guys may remember a few months ago, I blogged about postpartum hair loss. What a troll she is. At the suggestion of a friend who is a consultant, I tried the Monat Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. I have used the products now for several months, and I can honestly say that I do think they are working. My hair is thicker and I have more of it! I am also using the Replenish Masque once or twice a week, which I feel has added a ton of moisture to my dry strands. Because I am getting back to my baseline, I’m not sure how long I will continue to use the products… but I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to grow more healthy hair – men included. I think it was a great thing and I am still so thankful for the recommendation!

Happy Halloween and thanks for reading! RSV has hit our kiddos in full force, so we are going to miss out on the trick-or-treating. The picture below is because I had to see them in their costumes, even if it didn’t last long!


Y’all stay safe and eat some candy for me!

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