My Favorite (Amazon) Things: 40 Stocking Stuffers for Him

Welcome to Part 2 of the stocking stuffing series! If you hate the hunt for the right stocking gifts, look no further because I have taken the stress of shopping right off your plate. I have combed Amazon to bring you guys a huge list of stocking stuffers for HER, for HIM, and for THE KIDS!*


This time we are focusing on our manfriends! I have included categorized options with a wide arrange of price points in an effort to include any and all of the men in your life! (The gift guide for HER is already posted here in case you missed it.) If you are a Prime member, dig in, because I am loading your wagon with all the free shipping options you can stand!

For the Outdoorsman

Ninja Outdoorsman tool: Can opener, saw blade, cutting edge, wrenches… all in one 11 inch tool. Basically, he should be able to build you a house with this $6 item.

Emergency Fire Starters (pack of 10): Because everybody needs a little help sometimes.

Fixed Blade Carbon Steel Knife: With close to 3,000 positive reviews, you can’t beat this cutter (and it’s less than $15!)

Puck Dual Grit Knife Sharpener: Maybe your guy already has the blade… This keeps it sharp!

Bushnell Wide Angle Binoculars: A must for every outdoorsman, and these are on sale!

For the Businessman

Leather Business Card Holder: Magnetic close with room for 25 client opportunities!

Dressy Dashed Crew Socks: Is it really Christmas if no one gets socks?

Onyx and Mother of Pearl Cufflinks: Combining two classic cufflink materials, your guy will look polished for his day at the office. And I love the hexagon shape!

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen: This smart pen is Amazon’s best selling fountain pen, and on sale now!

The Richest Man in Babylon: So interesting – a book of business parables set in ancient Babylon. It must be good because more than 2 million copies have been sold. This Prime option is less than $5 – even better!

For the Sportsman

Bluetooth Sports Earphones: Because he needs a better excuse for his selective hearing 🙂

Quick Dry Towel: Whether he’s getting drenched at a football game or drying at the gym, this small microfiber towel will get him through.

Neleus’ Compression Shorts (3 pack): Keep the junk locked in the trunk for the workout, please and thank ya.

Mier Travel Bag: This bag is perfect for a change of clothes and even has a shoe compartment. Roll it up for the perfect stocking stuffer he’ll use for every trip to the gym.

Sports Trivia Calendar 2018: A new sports fact every day for the next year! Right at home on his desk at work or in the man cave.

For the Handy Man

Magnetic Wristband: As the wife of a handyman, I’m pretty sure this might save hours of my life crawling around on the floor looking for the screws he drops.

Carpenter’s Pencils (6 pack): Tuck these flat pencils into a tool belt or behind an ear for easy use!

Dewalt Safety Goggles: Gotta keep those peepers in good working condition… How else is he going to pick out your stocking stuffers?

Pliers Set: Andrew and I always laugh that if we lose the pliers, the whole house will come crashing down. We use these all. the. time.

Portable Bluetooth Mini Speaker: Sync this with his phone, and he will have music wherever he chooses to work.

For the Renaissance Man

Feather Bowtie: I love this high quality standout. Packaged in a cedar box, this is sure to be a conversation piece!

Hankie Set: My dad has always carried a handkerchief, and it’s such a gentleman’s thing to do. I especially love the buffalo check option, and these are on sale!

Cigar Travel Case: If your guy loves a good stogie on vacation or the golf course, he definitely needs a travel case. Bonus points for you if you fill it up with his favorite smokes before putting it in his stocking!

Hardcover Journal: 90+ pages of custom dot, ruled, grid, or blank paper to jot down all those manly thoughts. (And it’s under $15!)

Polished Brass Key Ring: The Renaissance Man exudes thoughtfulness, all the way down to his car keys. And this ring just gets prettier as it ages.

For the Techie

Wireless Phone Charger: Phones are moving away from the corded chargers to wireless systems, and this charger is compatible with many of the smartphones. Make sure you verify your guy’s phone model, and then surprise him with your in-the-know!

Prankster Voice and Motion Activated Stickers: I don’t know that these are technically “techie”, but I got a kick out of them – mostly because it reminds me of the time my brother taped a “Speaker Broken / Please Yell Order” on the Bojangles drivethru speaker.

Darth Vader USB Keychain: Perfect for the Star Wars + computer lover in your life! (This is not Prime eligible, but the shipping is free)

Magnetic Phone Mount: No more digging for a lost phone between the seats! This magnetic mount is compatible with most smart phones (doublecheck your guy’s), and sits in the air vent for easy viewing. I have one and love it!

Wemo Mini Smartplug: I’m not even sure I’m technologically savy enough to describe this… Not my strongsuit. Basically you plug it in, download the app, and you then have control over Alexa, Google, Nest, Home, your lights, thermostat, etc. All from one little plugin – how cool!

For the Dude’s Man

Winter Work Gloves: Don’t give him any reason to not build you a cozy winter fire.

The Gentleman’s Beard Oil and Conditioner: So many beard oils are strongly scented, and who wants to kiss a pine-tree? When this says “fragrance-free”, they mean it – which is the reason Gentleman’s has almost 1500 positive reviews.

Bad Byron’s Butt Rub: Let’s just say we don’t run out of this at our house, and it’s not for lack of using it. Another best seller on Amazon!

Precision Golf Tees: With 100 per bag, he’ll have enough for himself and all his boys too!

Hydroflask Tumbler: This is similar to a Yeti, but of the pint glass variety with a reasonable price tag! It gets great reviews for hot and cold beverages alike although it was specifically made for lagers and ciders.

For the Patriarch

Fly Fishing Lure Set: Hopefully the patriarch in your family is getting some time off. This would be a great gift for the knowledgeable fisherman OR the retiree who needs a new hobby! *Doublecheck your selection because different color boxes are different prices.

Acrylic Magnetic Picture Frame: Fill this with the faces of those he loves the most, and then stick it to the fridge where he can see it everyday!

Activity Tracker: Maybe your guy doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of a Garmin or a Fitbit, but he could use a little self-competition and motivation to stay active? This is perfect for him. The price is right, it links easily to many smartphones, and is sure to have him counting his steps and heartrate in no time!

Cole Haan Trifold Wallet: This is on major sale and such a timeless gift that’s perfect for everyone. The black leather is only $39.99!

Willowtree Grandfather: Susan Lordi does such a classic job of capturing family relationships with her Willowtree creations.

Hopefully this Amazon gift guide has made your stocking stuffing that much easier! Any questions, just let me know! Stay tuned for the last post of the My Favorite (Amazon) Things series – 40 Stocking Stuffers for THE KIDS! And if you missed it, head back here to check out 40 Stocking Stuffers for HER!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

*All the items you see below are linked and available for purchase through Amazon. Although I will receive a small commission as an Amazon affiliate if you use the link to make a purchase, please know that all opinions are my own.

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