My Favorite (Amazon) Things: 40 Stocking Stuffers for The Kids

Welcome (back!) to the third and final part of the Amazon Stocking Stuffer series! I have absolutely LOVED the feedback from you guys, and I’m so happy that you are finding things for your loved ones. It makes my day when I get messages saying this has been helpful.

If you are just tuning in, feel free to take a look back here and here for EIGHTY stocking stuffers the men and women in your life are sure to love. I have teamed up with Amazon to bring you the same thing now dedicated to the kiddos!


We all love free shipping, so I have collected tons of Prime options. The gifts are separated by age groups, but be sure to check out all of the lists as some gifts may be appropriate for more than one category.  Click on the picture if you see something you like, and you’ll be directed to the Amazon website for details.*

For the Infants

Pinwheel Bows: A woman can never have too many diamonds, and a little girl can never have too many hair bows.

Animal Socks: Baby feet are already cute, and this just takes it over the top.

Nuby Wacky Teether: Tons of sensory stuff going on here AND a teething ring. Big plus: the circle shape means you can attach it to a paci clip so that it stays off the ground and close to baby!

Infant Earflap Hat: How sweet is this! It comes in multiple colors, so this could work for baby boy or baby girl.

Touch and Feel Books: Both of my babies have loved these! They are short books with thick cardboard pages that turn easily and are full of fuzzy animals to grab onto.

For the Toddlers and Pre-K-ers

Crayola Bath Drops: Bathtime is fun for a toddler anyways, but these bath bombs turn the water different colors (without staining your kid)!

Boon Bath Pipes: These are so cool (no joke – I play with them when I take a bath), and such a great cause-and-effect learning toy for your little person.

Zoo Animal Sticker Roll: You can never, ever, ever go wrong with stickers. And they’re packaged in a roll for easy stocking stuffing!

Magnetic Play Sets: These tin toys are filled with different backgrounds and loads of magnetic beloved characters to play with. My son loves this in the car!

Play Doh Starter Set: Always a classic!

For the Elementary Students

Legos: My brother and I used to play with Legos for HOURS. *The smaller creativity sets like this one are add-on Amazon items. These would definitely fit nicely into a stocking, and some of the larger non-add-ons may fit in your stocking. Just be sure to double check your measurements.

Classic Card Games: How else are they going to learn to get along with each other?

Trolls Pencil Pack: A pack of 12 brightly colored character pencils for less than $4!

Pancake Pile-Up!: A fun, fast-paced relay game sure to put them in giggle fits (and it also teaches coordination and balance!)

Mini Racer Car Building Kit: Complete with LED lights, this is a good project and toy in one!

Face Paint Crayons: I’m a huge fan of dress-up and pretend for kiddos, and this is a safe, easy way to let their imagination run (without having to pull out a paintbrush!)

Glow-in-the-Dark Decals: Add a special touch of magic to a bedroom or playroom ceiling! *There are less expensive options that you may see, but for the few dollars price difference the reviews here are much better.

Disney Princess Socks: A six pack of your girl’s heroines. *Make sure to double check the price differences for the available selections.

Yo-Yo!: Give those little hands a new skill to practice!

Mini Walkie Talkies: Guaranteed to keep them occupied for at least one Netflix episode.

For the Middle Schoolers

Joke Book: Silliness knows no bounds for this age group, so why not embrace it instead of fighting it?

Mini Scratch Pads: These things are everywhere this year! This mini set has 125 notes and is the perfect size for a stocking!

Hogwarts Knee Socks: If your pre-teen is a Harry Potter fan, they will love these statement socks!

Temporary Hair Chalk: A good substitute for that permanent blue streak she keeps asking for.

Suspend Game: Melissa and Doug don’t just make baby toys! For 1-4 players!

Mini Drone: What middle school boy wouldn’t love a drone? (I’m pretty sure my 30 year old husband would love one.) You may have to take this out of the box, but the individual pieces should fit nicely down in a stocking!

Jewelry Roll: Your girl is probably starting to collect a few pieces of glitz, so give her a safe place to store it all.

Teens Cook: If you’re tween/teen loves to help you cook, this is a great starter of their own! Even if they don’t want to be seen at the mall with you, there’s a good chance you can make some memories in the kitchen.

Birthday Cake Bubble Bath Bomb: All the fizz and bubbles a girl could want – plus the sprinkles!

Edible Crick-ettes Sampler: It’s rare for Mom to be able to out-gross her middle school boy. This = checkmate.

For the High Schoolers

Catchphrase: This fast paced game is fun if you’re 17 or if you’re 77. Great for families as well as friends… In fact, we just played a round with friends last weekend!

Magnetic Car Mount: This was in the For Him gift guide too, but I’m including it again for the teenagers because it is so important. This phone mount might be the very thing that keeps them from looking down while driving!

Ultra bright flashlight: While we’re on the subject of car safety, this is a perfect thing to throw in the console for emergencies. *If you buy the magnetic mounts + flashlight, maybe steer clear of any more safety devices…  Too many of these and your highschooler is going to think they were naughty all year long. 😉

Fandango Gift Card: Treat your kids to a movie! These gift cards come in denominations of $25 and $50.

PomPom Toboggan: With a removable pompom, this hat is so versatile! It gets great reviews and has a fantastic price point with lots of color options for your girl.

Stuff Every College Student Should Know: How to be smart with a credit card… How to entertain yourself for cheap… How to pick a major… Smart, universal truths for the soon-to-be-graduate that fits right down in their stocking!

MadLibs: Family road trip coming up? Get your moody teen grinning in no time.

Burt’s Bees: Choose the fruity flavors for your girl or stick with the natural originals for your guy.

Crosshatch Wallet: Herschel makes such clean, classic, casual accessories. Perfect for a teenager – not too fussy, but won’t embarrass his girlfriend.Fringe Earrings: I had no idea how many cute earrings were on Amazon! Let’s just say I did a little shopping for myself when I found these… only $8.99!!!


I hope you have enjoyed this series as much I loved putting it together for you! Don’t forget to check out the other gift guides linked above, and then stayed tuned for some more happy Christmas blogmas to come…

Up next – Five THRIFTED holiday party  looks!

*We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. All the items you see below are linked and available for purchase through Amazon.

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