FIVE Looks For Any & Every Holiday Event

I think one of the reasons I love Christmas is that the entire month is a party. Ya girl loves a party. Ya girl also loves getting dressed up for a party (or for a Tuesday, but that’s neither here nor there). Ready to see some THRIFTED outfit and party looks that will get you through just about any event planned for December?The guts of what you’ll see below  = straight off a thrift store rack. They are chock full of party duds, and you are guaranteed to stand out in a unique look. If you run into yourself wearing thrifted or vintage threads, I’ll buy you enough eggnog to last until next Christmas… It isn’t going to happen.

*I’m still living in iPhone selfie land, which is basically Biblical times in blogging world… Working on that, FYI.

Look #1: The Day-of-Office Party

It’s probably not the best idea to show up to your place of work or corporate dinner looking like the poster child for Santa Baby. The look below would be a great option if you’re headed straight from the office. A green pop of color and interesting neckline on this houndstooth blouse with a complementing bow on the black slacks and silver heels is all about the festive. I picked this blouse up for $2.99 a few years ago, and the brand new silver kicks were $5!

Look #2: The Casual Girls’ NIMG_1288 (2)ight Out, Concert, or Dinner

Velvet is huge this year – on everything from headbands all the way down to shoes. And, even better, it reads “holiday” so easily. I absolutely love the combination of soft, romantic velvet with tough-everything-else. This fall, I picked up a blue asymmetrical top for under $6. It’s paired with black corduroy leggings, OTK leather boots with a chain, and silver jewelry. The blue on black color palette just adds to the dressy rock vibe.

These boots are Sam Edelman I found for $50, which is basically a thrift store price relatively! I think they were a return someone didn’t know what to do with. 

Look #3: The Not-Quite-a-Cocktail-Dress Party

Going to the symphony? Dinner and the theater? You need the not-quite-a-cocktail dress outfit. It’s dressy, but not overdressed. Thoughtful, but not forced. I had a lot of fun putting this together. A beaded vintage top (minus the shoulder pads), a pleated blush skirt, big earrings, and some funky block heels create a holiday look full of just enough whimsy and sass… and this entire outfit was less than $50.

Look #4: The Cocktail Party

Now you need a cocktail dress! I have thrifted several cocktail dresses, but I always come back to this one as an example. This is a vintage piece I picked up several years ago. It was originally below the knee with big shoulder pads. I took it to the tailor for a few easy adjustments, and it became a favorite of my collection. How amazing is that neckline?! And it’s wool (warm) with pockets!! I paired it with some thrifted gold heels to compliment the beading and more modern drop earrings from TJ Maxx. All you need is a rockin’ coat (I wear it with a waist-length fur) to complete this easy look.

This black ruffled dropwaist dress is another thrifted favorite. (I forgot to put jewelry on for that first picture, but went back and rigged a broach as a ring to complete the look!)

Look #5: The Black Tie Affair

I may or may not have pranced around in this for a good 30 minutes after I took these pictures. I found this fully beaded gown at a Goodwill in Chattanooga a few years ago… All I can say is, it is one special dress. It is loud and sassy and SO FUN. Check that slit on the right leg! Move over, Angelina Jolie. The neckline is sheer lace down to the leaves and the sleeves are scalloped to complement the silver beading.  If you find a gem like this in a thrift store, you don’t walk to the register. (You run/stiff-arm the people in your way.)

And just for old time’s sake, let’s pay a little homage to the red velvet Tadashi gown I found thrifting a few years back. It was a knockout for my husband’s formal Christmas work party. (Sidenote: I could not eat for 6 weeks straight and my stomach will never look like that again. I adore my babies, but they stole my abs. Every time I get skinny, I get pregnant… What is up with that. #dontanswerthat)

BONUS Look #6: The Tacky Christmas Party

I was looking through old pictures and came across a few less “serious” looks I put together throughout the years. Let’s just suffice to say that you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for solid tacky Christmas party options at a thrift store. (Let’s also recognize the days of new Instagram = every filter available just because.)

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! I hope this inspires your hunt for the perfect outfit. If you’ve already been to your holiday event this year, no worries. The best thing about the thrift store is that these one-of-a-kind pieces may be waiting on you whether it’s April or November. Keep your eyes peeled for the perfect thing (and practice your stiff-arm!)

I would LOVE to know what you guys find in a thrift store! Just tag #refiningcotten on Instagram!

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