Christmas Sugar Cookie Brunch

One of the highlights of my December has become hosting my best friends and their kids for a sugar cookie extravaganza! Before the main event of decorating cookies, the kids destroy the playroom while we drink coffee and munch in the kitchen… This year even included a Jingle Bells sing-a-long at the piano! It is such great fun, and I love hosting it.


I posted briefly about this last year, but I wanted to share the sugar cookie recipe I use for your quick reference. These cookies are thick and doughy like the kind you would buy at a bakery. They are not super sweet, which is good because there is plenty of room (taste-wise and space-wise) for all the icing and sprinkles! *If you’re looking for thin, crystallized sugar cookies this is probably not what you want.

Like most good sugar cookie recipes, this takes just a bit of forethought. I bake the cookies the night before so they have plenty of time to cool (icing warm cookies is a no-no). Remember to make time for your eggs and butter to reach room temperature prior to making the dough.   CaptureCapture2

You can bake all of the cookies at once if you’re having a big party, or this dough also freezes well if you want to divide it. If you are not putting a sweet icing on top, I’d recommend adding some lemon zest and increasing the sugar by 1/2 – 1 cup. In my oven, these take 8 minutes exactly. I pull them out before the edges start to brown, remove from the cookie sheet, and then cool on a wire rack.


I always pick up tons of Christmas-themed icing as well as all types of sprinkles from the store. I saw the cutest decorating idea on Southern Living’s Instagram account a few weeks ago!



Photo via Southern Living


How cute are these Santas?! I picked up some coconut and marshmallows to give these a trial run while the kids were decorating.


When I bake these again for gifts, I will spend some more time getting it 100%, but overall, this was simple with a big cute factor.

One other thing I did this year was cover the table with Press n’ Seal prior to decorating! This made the clean-up an absolute breeze!


I have large and small cookie cutters… I really love the large 5 inch shapes for the kids, and the smaller shapes provide a wider variety of decorating options. These are currently sold out, but there is an interesting way to get three extra decorating options if you have similarly shaped cutters… Just flip them over!

Are you making cookies this holiday season? I’d love to see what you do! Just tag #refiningcotten on Instagram or tag me on Facebook! Merry Christmas!



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