What I’m Thrifting: Spring 2018

With very few exceptions, I’m done shopping for winter clothes after December. And let’s call a spade a spade – January 1 to Easter is just a black hole of waiting on the warmer weather to appear, which is plenty of time to stock your spring and summer wardrobe. I wanted to let you in on what I’ll be searching for! I’m not the person who is glued to Instagram during Fashion Week, but I do like to keep an eye on the runways and upcoming trends. While I am by NO means a fashion blogger or expert (what’s the new word? “Influencer”? Hashtag eyeroll), here are a few I am excited about! And as always, I’ll be on the hunt for unique pieces at the thrift store to keep my closet exciting


Lavender! Baby blue! Cotton candy pink! As sweet and pretty as you can stand. Pastels are it. Coming from someone who is not “sweet” and “sugary” in person, I might as well dress in it to even the scales 🙂

Vogue’s IceCream Girl here wraps this up pretty nicely.


Here’s a tip… You probably know by now that shorter shirt hems are pushing out the longer ones. If you’re a thrifter, nothing could be better news to your ears. Shorter shirt hems are “so way back when” that thrift stores are busting at the seams with them. Think what we used to consider the old lady blouse – shorter hem, sheer sleeves, smaller prints. You’re basically in a gold mine.

Here are a few of the sheer dresses I loved – Valentino and Natalie Gart.


Like it or not, big denim is on its way in. Patchwork, assymetrical hems, ultra boyfriend, and fringe hems are 2018. True story : I was getting dressed one weekday and could not find anything in my closet that inspired me. I looked down to see a pair of my husband’s Citizen jeans on the floor and immediately knew that’s what I wanted to wear. Enough slouch with the right amount of structure. It took really tall boots to get them off the ground, but I loved the look and felt like a complete BA all day long. He’s not getting these back.


I picked these up for him at Goodwill for $3.

Loving the uber-boyfriend denim, and I’ll be scouring the thrift stores for “denim with a presence”. Maybe I’ll run across a cropped, wide leg, super soft pair to ring in spring.


If it looks like yo grandma’s table cloth or sitting room curtains, you’re right on track. Think smaller florals. And basically anything Gucci-esque, because that house has been doing this for awhile.



Click here for a great 2017-2018 pattern round-up.

The Details

If you pay close attention to the stylings on the runway, you’ll see a few things other than the clothes. Roach toe shoes, middle parts, and big earrings abound. Sleeve details, glowing make-up, fringe, and feathers aren’t going anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled as you shop!

Some of you have stuck with me long enough to know that thrifting is not a sprint… It’s a marathon. As long as you are patient and consistent, you will find the pieces that make your wardrobe pop with modern, unique style.

I would LOVE to see what you are buying for Spring 2018! Just tag me on IG with #refiningcotten!

*editorial pictures are not my own; taken from Pinterest.

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