Home Office Inspiration

One thing I struggle the most with when thinking about decorating our house is the line between traditional and eclectic. Do I go with that classic, never-gonna-hate it, last forever, traditional Pottery Barn look in every room? Or do I give into the part of me that wants to light some incense and drape everything in macramé? I really love a lot of the boho trends, but my commitment gremlin starts having chest pains when she thinks about a house full of that.

This post was born because I was actually thinking about my living room – not my office. I was busting my brains over what it would be like to decorate around a green couch. Queue: Gremlin chest pains. And then I thought… why not try that on a smaller scale? A less permanent, less expensive scale? (So that when I inevitably tire of it, I don’t have to explain to my husband why we paid $2000 for a couch we used for 2 years.) Thus was born the office inspiration… Boho, eclectic, colorful, and flexible…


Green velvet, girly pink, classic wood, modern lines, and all of my plants! I actually already have pendant lamps like the three above the desk that I have been saving for just the right spot… I think they have probably found their home.

Take another look at the picture. Because it’s almost impossible for me to think about a room with no blue, imagine switching out the rug, the chair, and the prints… An easy fix, and the whole feel changes.office2.PNG

Are you boho chic? Do you gravitate toward the classics? Or do you hop back and forth over the line like I do? Just like my mama told me about planning a wedding… You can like a lot of things, but at some point you have to pick a lane and swim. (Thank goodness green velvet chairs are less permanent than marriage. Love you, babe 😉 )


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