Project Update: Lighting and More!

This past week has been very productive on the home reno front! I don’t have a ton of time, so hopefully these pictures will speak for themselves!


We added can lights to the den and to the playroom. The den has been very dark from day one, and we could not believe the huge difference just four recessed lights + a bright white coat of paint has made. It might be one of my favorite changes to date. We also removed the old square eyesores from the playroom and then added six new recessed lights. Thanks to a last minute stroke of genius, we decided to pull down the strips of accent wood on the ceiling. Believe it or not, just that simple project has made a huge difference in making the playroom feel more open!

The Den


The Playroom



Remember those old wooden strips on the ceiling from the makeover pics? They did nothing but date the room.




Much better!


The Floors

We are now in the process of choosing a company to install the hardwood floors. We will demo the old floors, have new ones professionally installed, and then replace the baseboards and shoe mold. It dramatically cuts down on the price to do some of the work ourselves, which is important because Mama needs new kitchen countertops and Daddy needs a deck! Ha!


I am holding the porcelain tile we laid in our kitchen and powder room. The solid hardwoods are a near perfect match and I could not be more excited to get those suckers in! While I don’t want every part of our house to be “rustic”, I do love the handscraped look.





We have a few other small projects to finish prior to the floors, the next being foyer lighting. I have everything picked out, but lights are so hard for me for some reason. It takes awhile of thinking and pondering until I take the plunge.

I am also in the process of redoing our guest room. We basically shoved all our old bedroom furniture in there when we moved and said “see ya later”. Now seemed like as good a time as ever, so I sold my old bed and repainted everything (white, of course). I’m going to save the finished product and show you everything at one time. Let me just tease you a little bit by saying I found the new antique bed for TWENTY DOLLARS. TWENTY. Yes. It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Thanks for tuning in! A lot of excitement is on the horizon and I always make sure to take pictures of the progress so you can follow along. I can’t believe how far we’ve come! Here’s just a little (brown) reminder 😉


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