Updates: House, Family, & Thrift!

The days are long. The years are short. The days are too short and this year has flown by. Wait, this day is taking forever. Actually, what day is it? Where are my children? Why is your brother sister not wearing pants? Am I even wearing pants?

Welcome to my stream of consciousness where most days I’m just trying to maintain the pulses around here. So, let’s get down to the quick and dirty… What we’re up to over here at the Cotten Circus!


Hardwoods are ordered. Backordered to the end of March actually. We have installers on the ready when these things finally come in.We have to replace the deck door and the garage door. Working on that before the floors! It’s been a headache, and let’s just say we’re glad the hardwoods are backordered.

The guest room is 80% done. We are finishing up the 12 foot curtain rod in the garage(yes, you read that right), and once we figure out how to make the turn at the top of our stairway (which may be never), I’ll show you exactly how to make a 12 foot curtain rod.

We’ve started the beginnings of my favorite part of spring – the outdoor work! Andrew got me a new saucer magnolia tree for my birthday! I’ve been repotting my houseplants, and planning the garden. We are doing seedless table grapes this year as a new adventure. I’m also going to put 3-4 rose bushes on the left side of the fence. We typically do our planting the first two weeks of April, so I’ll keep you updated.



Natalie took her first steps just this morning!

Mac moved up a class in preschool, is constantly talking, and still so athletic it boggles my mind. IMG_3486

Andrew and I booked a trip to the Dominican Republic (JUST US!) for a week in May. Who knows… I may not even pack pants. My birthday was last weekend and I ate enough pasta at Café Nonna that I probably don’t even fit into real pants at this point anyways 😉 Andrew’s parents kept the kids for a night, and can I just say that it is such a blessing to be in love with your best friend… He’s my person. We went to the Nashville Lawn and Garden show, and I basically got to wear all the clothes I don’t get to wear when chasing kids.

I was in a musical theater show at church this past month. My family came into town, and Andrew’s parents also came to watch. It was such great fun to be a part of! I sprained my ankle between the 2nd and 3rd show, which threw a whole ‘nutha level of “what am I doing?” into the weekend. I met some fantastic new friends and enjoyed the experience so much!


I have been doing quite a bit of selling and buying Facebook Marketplace! I love the ease of the local pickups and drop-offs. Here’s a sneak peak of the velvet armchair I got for the guest room a few weeks ago! (The sippy cup on the window adds a really nice touch, I think.)


I also happened to log onto the marketplace at exactly the same time a woman posted a FREE 9×12 wool rug in great condition. She just didn’t want to deal with it anymore, basically. So I very quickly decided I would be the one to deal with it. I will have it professionally cleaned and then decide if I am keeping it or reselling it.


Although not technically “thrifting”, I did want to share my favorite new place for flower pots and planters. New, modern planters are EXPENSIVE. I have no desire whatsoever to spend $40 on a flower pot… Thanks to Big Lots’ selection, I don’t have to! How awesome are these gold/white ceramic ones?


Alright, that’s it for now. Back to tending pulses and finding pants. Cheers to spring, sunshine, and all the warm weather we can stand!


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