A Few Favorites…

Quick and dirty and random… Things I am loving on this Thursday!

  1. Number one on my list is taking up a lot of space in my life right now, but I could not be more excited to not care. Our hardwoods are stacked up in about 9 huge piles acclimating so that they can be installed April 30!hardwood

2. Easter is just days away, and we are so looking forward to celebrating our risen Savior Jesus! If you need a place for Sunday morning, please join us at 10:30! IMG_4077

Until then, I’ll just be at the kitchen table watching Mac put 800 layers of Crayola watercolor on the world’s most overdecorated Easter Eggs!IMG_4162

3. April, May, and June are filling up for our family at lightning speed. Vacation with my husband is at the top of my countdown list, so I am gathering all things beach! I am riding this one-piece trend hard, although I think I will be brave enough to break out the bikinis at some point this summer… I don’t have abs yet, but the babyrolls are slowly and surely shrinking. In the meantime, here are a few suits I picked up!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. Speaking of beach and tropical things, I ran across the best summer bags on Amazon! You may recognize the brand from TJMaxx’s cover up swim section… Who knew the Blue Island bags were so cute?!

5. All this beach talk is supermotivation to put down the sweets. Historically, the warmer it gets outside, the healthier I eat. Anyone else? I have tried a few new recipes (you may have seen on my Instastory) that are healthy, filling, and easy! This citrus brussel sprout salad is absolutely delicious. I made it as a side, but you could easily add a protein to make it a complete meal. I added some red cabbage and omitted the berries, but the dressing is the star of this show!IMG_4135

6. I’m tired of “dark” in general. I’m ready to brighten things up – the weather mostly, but also my nails! I was taking a peek at the 2018 polish trends and fell in love with this bright pink and red look from Moschino! Harper’s Bazaar has it listed as a fall trend, but I’m not waiting that long… You’ll most definitely be seeing this on my hands in the months to come!Moschino

7. I have a new bee in my bonnet, and his name is “renovate a pop-up-camper so that my family can make some amazing memories” together. Andrew and I camped a lot when we were dating and then pre-kids… but we couldn’t figure out how to fit the Pack n’ Play in a two person tent, so things got put on a hiatus for awhile. 😉 We have always wanted to teach our children to camp well because we have loved it so much. Now that they are getting bigger, my itch is growing. Some of our friends from Chattanooga recently purchased a travel camper for their family, and it has put some major fire in my gut about getting this show on the road! You can find so many impressive renovations online (check out popupprincess.com to see the most interesting remodels), and best believe I’m sleeping with one eye open ’til I find the perfect fixer-upper. This bright, clean, beautiful reno done by Jenny at Refresh Living is so inspiring! remodeled-pop-up-camper-rv-with-vintage-boho-electic-design-new-ceiling-counters-painted-cabinets-table-and-backsplash-10-of-10

8. Speaking of the kiddos, I saw this doormat online a few days ago and just hooted… I don’t know that my two little people count yet, but if/when another one comes along this will probably definitely be on my baby registry.IMG_4054

HAPPY THURSDAY! I hope this has been a bright spot in your day and made you grin at least once!

3 thoughts on “A Few Favorites…

  1. Missy says:

    Nathan and I have been talking about getting a pop-up camper soon! We used to be outdoors every weekend and now that kiddos are getting a little bigger it is time to get back out there.

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