Demolition Derby

The hardwood installer comes next Monday, so we are movin’ and shakin’ to get the old floor demo’ed!


My Hulk of a Husband ripped up the old floating floor in the dining room and office first. Then came the hard part: the foyer. We had that brick-like tile on top of a three inch mortar bed. Three inches of solid concrete. He’s a beast.


He also cut away the rounded edge on our stairs to square off the staircase and make even more open space in the foyer.


Here’s a quick reminder of what the foyer looked like when we moved in.

We have since removed that coat closet to create a more spacious entry. We have painted everything, added beadboard, changed the crown molding… You can also see how the stairway was rounded at the bottom. We moved the old carpet to cover the uneven flooring/protect the kiddos until we get it leveled this weekend.


Andrew is taking a well deserved golf day, while I am busy looking at furniture, choosing stair railings, and finishing our armoire for the den. Lots of excitement scheduled for the next month or so, so stay tuned and thanks for following along!

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