Repurposed Hutch, Round Two!

The floors are installed, and they look better than I could have imagined! More pictures of the finished product to come on that later (we are still getting the baseboards installed/caulked), but I wanted to show you how I restyled our “mud room”! You may remember how I solved our “No Mudroom Lots of Stuff” dilemma here.

This hutch may be the MVP of why I am a relatively sane individual – it houses so much of our clutter! I knew that side of the room needed “lightening” with the new darker floors, so I set out to that task two weeks ago. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

You can refer back to the older post to see how I outfitted this with a tension rod and command hooks to maximize storage.

I picked up some round brass hardware at Home Depot for the new knobs.

You can see the new floors peaking out in the pictures – I can’t wait to show you the progress. This renovation has changed the feel of our house the most, and has been a long time coming! Now it’s just a matter of making everything cohesive … my hutch was a great place to start. Because let’s be honest, if you take away my clutter-keeper, we might as well just torch the whole house.

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