Décor Extravaganza 2018

Silly Truth: I’ve been waiting to blog this post because it’s been cloudy outside, and I wanted good, sunny pictures of what we’ve done.

Second Truth: You guys don’t care about sunshine and just want to see the progress.

So let’s get to it! As of last week, we basically had a piano, one couch, and a TV credenza. I asked Mom to come help me shop, because I needed a LOT of furniture. I knew she would be the best help – she’s a fantastic decorator, doesn’t mind 12 hour shopping days, and is equally as happy to drink Starbucks every 4 hours as yours truly.


Over the course of 2.5 days, we went to over 25 furniture stores and used 2 tanks of gas. (Some of those stores got even more than one visit as we narrowed down our options.) We worked hard to achieve “textured neutrals”, and I think it shows! Take a look!

IMG_6133 (Please ignore the fact that the toy basket and “don’t break your face on the fireplace” blanket are there. The first time I took the pic, I realized Andrew’s work boots were in the background. I cleaned up, took it again, and then realized I had put the baby’s stuff back. Whatev. Real life.)


I’ve ordered a cowhide storage bench for under that big mirror… Which I’m actually thinking about switching out for a honeycomb mirror. I LOVE the chairs from Pier 1 and the new couch.

Speaking of that couch… Mom and I ended up at the Sprintz tent sale the first day she was here. I had set my mind 100% on a navy blue couch, and that’s what we had been looking for until we saw this comfy grey monster wrapped up in plastic on their driveway. It took me a LONGGG time to get my head around not buying a blue couch, but thanks to Mom’s insistence that we build a makeshift living room in Sprintz’s driveway (accent chairs, pillows, throws and all!), I ended up conceding to this guy… and I am so glad. It looks great, was a steal of a price, and is so comfortable!

Some of you guys have asked about that knobby cream pillow – it’s from TJ Maxx and I am looking for a second one! More changes to come in this room, and I’ll keep you updated! On to the piano room…IMG_6125

Mom had the great idea to go smaller with my rugs, and I’m glad. I had measured large rugs for every room, but that’s when the floors were orange and yuck. Typically it’s better to go with a large rug, but I didn’t want to cover up those gorgeous floors! This size adds softness and texture, but doesn’t shrink the room.

That buffalo check chair! If you need me in the mornings, this is where I’ll be drinking my coffee and having my quiet time basically until Jesus returns. I have plans for some hanging plants… maybe a birdcage… and a pillow.

Across the room, we created a desk! Old This End Up file cabinets with a butcherblock counter top + two metal chairs = a great place for the kids to do homework (one day), color, etc, etc, etc. IMG_6127

That top may get painted black or just stained and sealed… The walls need some love, but right now it feels good to live with it for a little bit and not be rushed to make a decision.  IMG_6129

And now… drumroll… for this amazing dining room set we concocted.


The table is from ReCreations Home, and the chairs are from Southeastern Salvage. I just can’t even get over how well this came together. We knew we needed a white table, and one thing I was not willing to compromise on was the size… I have always wanted a ten-person table. (Filling my house up with people to feed is one of my very favorite things, and I knew I would never be happy with a small table.) When we walked in and saw this from a distance, Mom and I looked at each other like “Yep, that’s it.” The chairs tie the color scheme together perfectly and HOW COOL are they?!


I’m still moving and shaking with all the details, but the bones are in place and I love everything we bought. It feels like home, it looks like me, and it’s versatile (I keep thinking how awesome it’s gonna look decorated for Christmas!!)

Thanks so much for following along, all your sweet messages on Instagram, and for not caring if my pictures are sunny. I’ll keep you updated on the new things… Andrew is picking up some massive mirrors for that back dining room wall- eek!… Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Décor Extravaganza 2018

  1. Debbie Thompson says:

    Just beautiful—-all of it!!!
    My husband wanted to know about your dining room chairs…..he knows a lot about wood and thought it looked like walnut with some other (?) part of it painted or stained grey.. he loved them. You and your mom really do have a wonderful gift for decorating!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • refiningcotten says:

      Thank you Debbie! We decided the chairs are stained wood (walnut would be a good guess!), painted grey, and then wiped to make the patterns. I can send you another picture up close if he’s interested. He may know better than I do!


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